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Head for the Hills, Pope Advises

Speaking of the Legion of Christ... some time ago I added their news service,Zenit, to my RSS feed. I don't find myself clicking through to the stories very often (although their slogan is "The World Seen From Rome," I find the field of vision is rather narrow), but I do enjoy reading the headlines. Since most of what comes out of the Vatican isn't exactly "news," the result is straight-faced news flashes like "Pope to Pray for Mideast Christians" or "Church Is an Expert in Humanity, Says Pope." (Yes, well, he would say that.)But even when the headlines are dull, the context sometimes makes them pop. Read together, the stories at the top of yesterday's news feed made me laugh out loud. In chronological order:

Aide: Pope Points to Way Out of CrisisFather Lombardi Comments on "Caritas in Veritate"Pontiff Heads to Alps for VacationUrges All to Drive Safely

Good luck with your new global order, everybody! I'm out.

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One needs to understand that the Church makes haste slowly, as they say.One headline (from Spain) notes that after man ydecades, the Spanish Bishops are expressing sorrow for colluding with the Franco regime in the coverup of the murder of 14 priests.Oh well...

So Bob, are you saying that the pope will be driving very slowly to his alpine retreat?

One needs to understand that the Church makes haste slowly, as they say.The Latin is "festina lente". Google the Latin and you will find some interesting bits of information.The more usual Church policy is to follow the example of Edith Piaf in her signature song Je ne regrette rien, I regret nothing, but I doubt a pope will ever match the Piaf sound, not even when they finally admit women.

But maybe he goes to the hills slowly.

He's done this every summer. He kicks it for a month, then power drives for 11.(As for the Church's expertise in humanity, that's old news. Gaudium et Spes, para. 22.)

Yes, I know. The juxtaposition made me laugh; there's nothing more to this post. (I also smiled when I saw BXVI in his Alpine leisure wear.)

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