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Has anyone seen the new TV series on NBC called "Kings"? It retells the story of the biblical David in a contemporary alternate-reality.The kingdom of Gilboa is ruled over by King Silas Benjamin (Ian McShane), who has built a great city, Shiloh. While at war with the kingdom of Gath, young David Shepherd (Chris Egan) rescues the king's son and in the process destroys a Goliath tank.You get the idea.I've watched the first couple episodes and am certainly intrigued. The danger, of course, is that it becomes Dallas meets the Book of Samuel, but something tells me that this series wants to go beyond that.This is certainly not TV-as-usual, which makes me fear that the Damoclean sword of cancellation may come down sooner rather than later. But I'm going to keep watching.Here's the trailer:[youtube][/youtube]



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I started watching with my wife a week or two ago, and we're caught up. I think this show is very good, and quite creative. I find the characters compelling, and more layered than I expected from a TV show. I've heard that ratings are bad enough that it may not outlast its run of the first 12 episodes (which have already been filmed), which would be too bad. Networks should take more risks like this.

Gregory,I'm not much of a TV watcher, and don't know one actor from another. But I read about the series on some blog, was able to catch the two-hour first segment, and caught it again last Sunday. I too am intrigued enough to keep trying to tune in. I agree with Thomas that there is more depth than I would have expected.

1-2 Samuel has intrigued novelistic adaptors for a long time . It offers an often murky plunge into the true political fabric of those primitive times. The Hebrew text is a crisscross of alternative readings, and the impact of the stories can be suffocatingly oppressive. But the whole is pregnant with all sorts of plot and psychological suggestions -- with bits of religious edification tacked on by the deuteronomistic editors. The so-called Court History of David (2 Sam 9-20) is considered by some the supreme pinnacle of ancient Hebrew narrative. Can we expect such sophistication of US television and its supporters?

Bob, we will get you watching Buffy yet!

I saw 2 (the first?) episodes on the SciFi channel last night ... didn't even know it is from NBC.What night is it on?

It has moved to Saturday night on NBC.

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