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Calling All Irish

Happy St. Patrick's Day!Even though here in Boston,city officials and schools have the day off(thanks"Evacuation Day"), Washington D.C. is busy hosting Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams who has "called on Irish Americans to participate in the conversation about Ireland's future through conferences organized by Sinn Fein to be held on June 13 in New York and on June 27 in San Francisco."Tensions are high in Northern Ireland as a result of two soldiers in Northern Ireland whowerekilled on March 7 - the firstviolence thathas been a direct result of "The Troubles" in over ten years - and Gerry Adams is trying to use this moment to re-introduce the idea ofa united Ireland by means of strictly peaceful, non-violent negotiations. But he will needa lot of help.

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Marianne L. Tierney is a PhD student in theology at Boston College.



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Marianne: Something to help the mood. As always, The Simpsons gets it right. Esp Lisa:

David,I do not know what kind of business model hulu uses but it limits it distribution only to the United States.Personally, since the Internet is an International venture. I think hulu's business model is a disgrace and I would appreciate it if dotCommonwealer's would refrain from providing links to it. First it is frustrating and secondly I hope they fail and a boycott is one way to help that goal be achieved.

John Borst--I didn't realize that. I'll look for other venues, hopefully YouTube. I just learned of Hulu.

David,In the cold light of the next morning, I a little surprised at what I wrote. I think my frustration was showing. They had a statement that if you were an international visitor to link there for an explanation and then it didn't work; it just recycled.Also it really isn't fair to you and other American's because of course you never get to see their statement.So if you do want to get them to change their practice, even this morning, I do think a boycott might have some effect.Thanks then, if you do practice one on Hulu.

Very funny Simpsons clip. Can't believe I haven't seen it before.I think you should keep linking to Hulu. It's a Newscorp holding and it gives me a perverse pleasure to see people link to it from Commonweal.

Let me say, as an Irishman, that I do not appreciate the uncritical adulation of Gerry Adams on the part of Irish Americans -- the same ones who fed his kitty when he was a leader of an active terrorist movement.

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