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Oh, the humanity.

The classic WKRP turkey drop. Look out below. And happy Thanksgiving.

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Loved the show.Loved the episode.Turkeys can"t fly. who knew? LOL

I can't top this but I do have a Thanksgiving true story. (like yesterday).Maybe my daughter-in-law suggested it but nevertheless it was one of those moments. At family gatherings I usually have to corral everyone to quiet down while I say grace. It seemed as if most, especially my children, were reluctant. Yesterday, Thanksgiving,as we sat down to eat at my eldest (37) son's house, where my three granddaughters live. I heard him call everyone to be quiet and to gather to give thanks. Even then I presumedhe would call on me to say the blessing and thanks. Lo and behold he did it himself, with the usual themes like remembering, grandmas, grandpas and aunts and cousins who passed and to thank God for family.... An historic moment. Deo Gratias.

Bill, what a blessing!--and why don't you say a blessing--a day late, but not a dollar short--for us dotcommonwealers. I would be honored.

Cathy,Con mucho gusto! From Brother Francis himself.The Lord bless you and keep you.May S/He show Her face to you and have mercy.May S/He turn His countenance to you and give you peace.The Lord bless you!

Home to RoostThe chickensare circling andblotting out theday. The sun is bright, but thechickens are in the way. Yes, the sky is darkwith chickens, dense with them. They turn and then they turn again. These are the chickensyou let looseone at a timeand small various breeds. Now they have come hometo roostallthe same kindat the same speed. ~ Kay Ryan (Poet Laureate of the United States)

Wow! Thanks for the blast from the past! My older brother and I used to always watch WKRP in Cincinnati. I remember this episode well. He was seven years my senior and I idolized him, so I sought any method for bonding. Seeing this segment brought back many fond memories of being beaten up in the TV room and being enslaved into making Mexican sundaes - both fond memories now that I am older!

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