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Will it work? (redux)

You think the presidential race has taken a nasty turn? Get a load of this brutal mailer sent out by Maricopa County Supervisor Fulton Brock, who accuses his opponent, Ed Hermes, of--are you sitting down?--living with his parents. It gets worse:(View the full image here.)

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A really nasty race here in New Mexico is the 2nd Congessional District for Heather Wilson's old slot.Martin Heinrich(D) is saying Darren White (R0, sheriff, is not trusted by police (92% of wives of cops say so) and was in Bush's hip pocket. White rejoins through the parents of a policeman who was killed to whom White offered support; the parents say Heinrich is "despicable."The NRA is running a nasty campaign in the southern district against Democrat Teague, whom they rate dA, bu tare endorsing the republican whom they also rated A.I"ve got to think there's an awful lot of bovine droppings flying even in the most minor races - maybe we should publicize races where individuals stress issues and avoid attack ads.

I'm leaning toward Ed Hermes, since he's much more the Joe Sixpack type, but I need to know their positions on the five non-negotiable issues before I cast my vote.

David, could you define "a Joe Sixpack type?" Burp!

He forgot to note that Hermes was not even eligible to vote until 6 years ago!

Raber wants to know about the panty raid reality TV show and if this is available to viewers without cable.

We ALL know about young men who live at home with their parents. It's a good thing that it is with his "parents" and not ..... shudder! .,.. his MOTHER!I bet he owns a pink shirt, too.

Living at home with parents with all be so much a part of the new economy! Who can afford otherwise- in any generation! Ed Hermes is a trailblazer. And Halo addict. Loving that.

I had the same reaction as Frances. God knows how many people have felt keenly insulted by the implication that if you or your children lived at home with parents, there must be something wrong with you or them (rather than with the economy or the price of housing or low wages). He's obviously out of touch, or at least, does not have any grown children.

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