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Beyond parody.


On the floor of the House of Representatives today, Democratic Congressman Steve Cohen said that Barack Obama was a community organizer like Jesus.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue responded as follows:

Congressman Cohen forgot to mention that Jesus could walk on water. Perhaps he can tell us when Obama plans to take a stroll across the Potomac.

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But the real question is: What will the bishops say?

Since this is titled 'Beyond Parody' I hope this is not going to far:How about; 'Forgive us Mr. President for we have ....but then again maybe I shouldn't.

Obama is sinking. His campaign is in trouble, and everyone knows it. Maybe if he could walk on water...

Obama is sinking. His campaign is in trouble, and everyone knows it. Maybe if he could walk on waterWell, you know, the sinking thing happened to Peter, when he tried to walk on water. And ultimately things worked out okay for him. You just need faith.

I thought we had a thread on comunity organization.We don't need more of the usual partisan comments lacking in both substance and wit.Could we have a real thread on some issue other than abortion??? many thanks.

If Obama were Republican, Donohue would let him walk on water and give him bi-location and his fully corrupt body will be displayed intact in at least ten churches. His difference with some other saints is that he will be found to have truly existed."Eighteen officials from the Patriarchate of Venice, Italy, where the relics have long been kept, accompanied the saint's remains to New York."I know this is a sad day, but there is something joyful for us," said Monsignor Hilary Franco, pastor of St. Augustine's, a former longtime Vatican official who arranged for the relics to come to New York. "We are blessed by the presence of St. Barbara."This is many people's idea of what it means to be Catholic.

I take it we're saying that both comments were beyond parody.

No, Joe. Just Cohen's. P.S. Are you getting my e-mails?

Grant,Clue the rest of us in. Why is the Cohen comment beyond parody? Seems to me that is was one of the recent campaign comments most susceptible to parody.

I continue to be amazed that my friend McCain, the man of honor, runs a campaign much like the swift boaters- not only the pig with lipstick hypocrisy, but also (see today's NYT on the new McCain ad on Obama and sex education.)In our local paper (Santa Fe New Mexican) today, poltical columnist Steve Terrell(hardly a flaming liberal) tells the story of how the RNC put out a story from a guy who says he found loads of trash bags full of flags waved at Obama's Denever speech and then discarded to be burnt. Terrell, who attended the speech as a reporter, said he wanted to get a flag for his son before leaving and searched "high and low" before finding one and one only.I thought the man of honor had said he wanted to run a civil campaign back when, but I guess that was a parody on civility.

Bob,Your columnist may have had trouble finding flags, but the story was nonetheless true. Even in the Dems response they admitted that there were a bunch of flags left in trash bags on a loading dock near the dumpsters (actually burning the flag is the appropriate way to destroy it if done correctly.) Their story is that they planned to pick them up later - this eight days after the convention was over, and that the guy stole them - don't hold your breath for the police report.Does it mean anything? Probably not. They were probably overlooked. Did the guy who found them hand the state GOP a nice little propaganda item? Yeah, but so what. Neither side has a has a corner on the clean campaigning market. What is all the garbage about Sarah Palin having some words spelled phonetically on her teleprompter if not a a backhanded way to color her (and her supporters) as stupid, backwoods rubes? Both sides do this, and will continue to do it. It's just noise.If you want to hold candidates to their promises over how they will run - start with the big O's pledge to use public financing and debate his opponent any time any where.

What is all the garbage about Sarah Palin having some words spelled phonetically on her teleprompter if not a a backhanded way to color her (and her supporters) as stupid, backwoods rubes?This is the first reaction I've seen since I commented on that earlier (I guess my observation is the "garbage" you're referring to?). I meant it as no reflection on the intelligence of Palin's supporters or Palin herself. I really, really wish I knew enough about her to pass judgment on her intelligence and leadership ability, but I don't. But the important thing to remember is that I'm not the one who assumed Sarah Palin wouldn't know the word "haberdasher" when she saw it. That's why it seemed worth noting to me: it appears that the convention's coordinators had so little knowledge of/confidence in Palin that they thought she might not be familiar with the word "haberdasher" (and didn't have a chance to find out whether their fears were well-founded). As for "nuclear," well, that one made me laugh because I was surprised anyone cared how she pronounced it -- in fact, I might have guessed she'd be encouraged to say it Bush-style, in solidarity, since obviously no one is too worried about his constant mispronunciation reflecting badly on him. Of lesser significance, of course, is that the transcript was published and reproduced online with no corrections, even days later. Maybe that says nothing important about the GOP or the McCain campaign, but the sloppiness strikes me as amusing at the very least. Let me say, though, that I'm all for phonetic spellings if they can stop people from saying "nuke-yular" and "War-shington" and so on. Give the candidates whatever help they need. Flash "please don't refer to Summa Theologica" or "for the love of pete, don't say 'uppity'" on the teleprompter nonstop, if it keeps them from making fools of themselves. Just don't include it when you release the transcript to the media.

We are still waiting for Palin to talk with us. She provides her own photo-op with no questions other than approved ones. If she is fit to run, then it is time to meet the press and the people. I am sure she is practicing.

Absolutely Bill! She should cancel her pre-scheduled event with soldiers, inculuding her son, to be deployed overseas so Tom Brokaw can have a crack at her. How selfish of her.

Unless I'm mistaken, today *is* the day Gov. Palin will at last allow the media (Charlie Gibson, though, not Brokaw) to "have a crack at her." Bill didn't say she should be talking to the media all day, every day -- but expecting that she talk to the media at all doesn't seem unreasonable to me. How did we end up on Palin anyway? I blame Grant for being too subtle.

Mollie's right -we need a new thread on "cocky wacko."

I saw a little of the interview with Gibson. I see why the Republicans are wary to let her on her own yet. She twisted around the question of God and destiny and was clearly uncomfortable. She was, of course, coached that that question was coming and I am not sure whether it was one of the ones allowed to be asked. At any rate Gibson did not spare her the tough questions. Being uncomfortable is understandable. I did like the fire I see in her. We will see how she adjusts. I give her a b- on this one. She will have to do better than this.

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