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Stephen Colbert Interviews Tony Perkins


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I think Mr. Perkins makes a great deal of sense. Besides, Paul argued against circumcision for Gentile converts.

Yes, he could use a course on NT with Luke Timothy Johnson.What's interesting to me is the effort of Mr. Perkins to repackage his agenda in a broader context--the FRC has always seemed to me the epitome of focus on its own issues.Everyone's doing "consistent ethic" these days, it seems.

I suppose "consistent ethic" beats "inconsistent ethic baddda-boomAnyway, like you, I usually find Colbert brilliant. In this interview, he seems to avoid issue a bit. If nothing else, Tony Perkins was a good sport.

Yes, he was. I wonder how he feels about it--it wasn't on the FRC website, the last time I checked!