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Hillary Joins McCain in Pandering on the Gas Tax

From the AP:

Hillary Rodham Clinton criticized Barack Obama on Monday for opposing proposals to suspend federal gas taxes this summer, a plan she and Republican John McCain have endorsed. Obama didn't take the bait. He ignored Clinton and focused on McCain."My opponent, Senator Obama, opposes giving consumers a break from the gas tax," Clinton said at a firehouse. "I understand the American people need some relief," she added, implying that Obama doesn't get it.Obama has said motorists would not benefit significantly from suspending the gas tax. "This is his solution to the problems of the energy crisis and your gas bills," Obama told several thousand at a noisy rally in Wilmington. "Keep in mind that the federal gas tax is about 5 percent of your gas bill. If it lasts for three months, you're going to save about $25 or $30, or a half a tank of gas."


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See Thomas Friedman column saying"we borrow money from China for oil and send the money to the Saudis after skimming a few cents for ourselves' He praise Obama for not pandering for a gas tax suspension like Clinton and McCain