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Quite a Miracle

It was a tough week in my hometown of Boston last week. After a devastating Super Bowl 4th quarter loss, people weren't sure what had happened to the New England Patriots. Where had we all gone wrong? Well, thanks to a recent CNS story, we Patriots fans have someone new to blame for heartbreaking loss. Having been taught by them for 6 years, I had always liked those Ursuline sisters before...

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Marianne L. Tierney is a PhD student in theology at Boston College.



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One city's loss is often another city's gain. Ask Grant about that. Prayer is always amusing in sports. It makes the ancients look right in that one looked to competing gods. Unlike John Mara I imbibed just enough of Johnny Walker Red to make the Packer and Patriot game more tolerable if not enjoyable. The crowd in my living room noticed the Giants ascending as I grabbed a glass in the last 2.35 minutes. They then placed the whole bottle before me. (Which would take me a year to consume)The crescendo in my humble abode, as Plaxico Burress caught the go-ahead touchdown, rose above the fiercest crowd anywhere. feel for you Marianne but I can't reach you, as the saying goes. Hopefully, we can save our prayers for meaningful happenings.

Keep praying for Roger, Bill. Keep praying.

Ah, I have such fond memories of intercessions of behalf of the Saints.

Doubtless it will surprise many New Englanders that the Blessed Mother apparently doesn't hear their prayers. It reminds me of the observation that if one team is going to thank God for their victory, then the other team has a perfect right to blame God for their loss.

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