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My thesis is due to my committee in six days.Please pray for me.And for my wife and children, who I think are more eager for this to be done than I am--if that is possible...:-)



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Prayers coming your way . . .So many of us have survived this ordeal, thanks be to God, all by the sweat of our brow and most by the threat of our frau.My wife used to leave a post-it note on my computer screen every day: "It doesn't have to be perfect; it just has to be done!"

Peter --Best wishes and prayers to you.I just turned mine in 2 weeks ago and will defend on Feb. 26. My wife and children feel the same (although the kids are a bit to young to verbally express this!)Paul --Your wife must have somehow given advice to my wife!

Praying for you, Peter. What is the topic?

Prayers your way, Peter.Perhaps I could also ask people to add prayers for these general intentions, either requested or inspired by Commonweal readers who have written to me offline in the past year: The people of the Gulf Coast, particularly New Orleans still struggling to recover from Hurricane KatrinaThose who wish to be married in the church and have encountered impedimentsThose recovering from life-changing medical proceduresThose who work in catechesis and RCIAPrisoners who seek the LordPriests for whom Commonweal helps maintain their sanityPriests working to improve conditions for people in Latin America, particularly Nicaragua and El SalvadorStudents struggling to find meaning in their faithOh, and me for breaking my Lenten vow of cyber-silence, of course.

Jean:Sundays in Lent are not days of Lenten fast and abstinence--all Sundays are celebrations of the Resurrection!

I stand chastened and corrected.

The hell with chastened. Go have a beer!

I must have given unintentional offense here. Maybe my tone was off. Whatever. Just hoped people would pray not only for Peter but other readers who don't have blogging privileges.Regards.

That means lunch can be on the schedule again, right?

Jean:I don't know to whom you think you might have given offense, but certainly not to me. I've been hoping that you would use the Sundays of Lent to return to us! It wouldn't be cheating on your resolution!

Further, Jean, give something else up for Lent. We like you here.

Amen, Bill!

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