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Red-faced men who yell

Gail Collins, the sane and wittyNYTimes woman columnist, has a good analysis of the gender tendencies in the Democratic primaries.Vis a vis the Clinton/Obama contest, she writes, "Senator Kennedy has been a champion of many issues that women care about. But when he ran unsuccessfully for president in 1980, he was victim of a major-league gender gap. This was an early example of the rule that women will not vote for men who yell."She also notes (the first time I've seen this in print) that he also has a red face when he yells. How many times have we read or heardBill Clinton being described as red-faced (understood to mean angry and out of control). Many, many.Here's her column, enjoy:

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"In Massachusetts, every Democratic alpha male in the state, including the governor and two U.S. senators, endorsed Barack Obama. Democratic women then stampeded to the polls in a great show of enthusiasm for ignoring their advice."Further down in the article, Collins observes that there is hardly any policy differences between them so she will be happy with either one. Well yeah, so what was Barack's point in entering anyway except for personal ambition? And why are all the alpha males supporting Obama except for the fact that they cannot handle a woman leader?A lot of Alpha going on, consciously or unconsciously.

Gail Collins seems to me not just witty; she's hilarious. Was it always thus or has the spectacle of the campaign season put her in high gear?

John, I think she reached new heights today, but generally she has been on target humor-wise and reality-wise. She's only recently appeared on the op-ed page; she was previously editorial page editor. So perhaps she has been let loose to the benefit of Times' readers.

It doesn't explain the yelling, but what about rosacea as the cause of the red faces?

In 1972 Shirley Chisolm, a black congrsswoman, ren for president. She soon found out that people did not object to her running because she was black but rather because she was a woman.

Joe: The media must be medically illiterate not to notice that!

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