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Presidential Platform 2048

"More places to live. . . more places to eat. . . more lemonade stands. . . and more hoedowns."

My four-year-old niece's answer to the question what her platform will be when she runs for President of the United States.

Sounds pretty good to me . . .

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Cathleen Kaveny is the Darald and Juliet Libby Professor in the Theology Department and Law School at Boston College.



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Where do I get a ballot?!

Mark,Don't be too hasty. We don't yet know her position on ice cream.

I can assure you that she is unreservedly pro-ice cream. In fact, she might favor a constitutional amendment proclaimng a positive right to ice cream.

Okay, if I can live that long and we have cross border voting, can I get in on that election too. I mean a right-to-ice cream, I'm all for it.John

Before long, you just know that lobbiests supporting lemon growers and dairy producers are going to be knocking on your door. It might be time to have "that" conversation with your daughter where you explain the meaning of the word "subsidy."

I hereby second her nomination.(Do we have a move to nominate? :)

Hello All,I move to nominate.I'd be pleased if my five year old niece were her running mate. My niece is also pro-ice cream. And she likes animals, cooking and books. She has never been to a hoedown, but I have taken her every year to the county fair in her home county, where there are many animals and ice cream. Good complementary qualifications, no?

Perfect. . . I think there needs to be a play date. . . national party convention, Peter! Let's see. . . what's the mascot of this new party. . . . not an elephant. . . not a donkey. . . maybe My Little Pony!

Cathleen,Sound like a good Party. Kids are always asking you to "pony up" much like legislators everywhere. I have a just-about-two year old grandson, so maybe we could make this an international party. Secretary of Games sounds about right.John

Hello Cathleen (and all),As it happens, my niece is also a fan of My Little Pony! I sometimes watch My Little Pony stories on TV with her when I am in her home in California. Though I confess I like reading with her and cooking with her better than watching TV with her. Maybe someday I'll learn how to make ice cream and then I can please both my niece and yours. (I'm not a good dessert cook so my niece and I make dishes together like Italian caprese salad.) Take care, ~P.

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