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Proof of God's Existence

More proof that God exists, and that she's not a Yankee fan. This game had it all -- even Biblical plagues! (See Exodus 8:12-15)

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Eduardo Moisés Peñalver is the Allan R. Tessler Dean of the Cornell Law School. He is the author of numerous books and articles on the subjects of property and land use law.



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This is why auricular confession should still be necessary for such as Grant G because he certainly took impure pleasure in seeing the Yankees being bested by tropical bugs. Yet if he were not so troubled by being from the "second" city he would be more stable realizing that New York has never seen the likes of Jordan even though we have our own Clyde who was name after Barrow. What is your motive Eduardo? Call me for a suitable penance.Secondly, Eduardo you may be falling into the error (which has no rights) that God really roots for the home team and salivation is not to be found outside of Cleveland. Is that what is meant by licking your wounds? A: It is quite precarious to say as Lincoln did that it is not whether God is on our side but whether we are on God's side. Nice try Abe while you pulled off that gem in Gettysburgh to coverup for the killings of tens of thousands. Now your successors cannot get empire out of their system. And the US has yet to apologize for Nagasaki and Hiroshima. O excuse me. That's blasphemy. Hey I just got an email tracing the redemption of Iraq from the Hebrew bible to the "salvation" brought by the US in Iraq. God gets blamed for everything.Thirdly, Eduardo there is the ethnic "thang" that you missed. The sport talk shows abound with advice that Cleveland had the distinct advantage with the bugs since they have the most Dominican (not the order) pitchers who have intense experience with such bugs. In fact the ones at the the October 5th evening game were minor compared to the "real' ones (much bigger( such players have experienced in the tropics. Finally, must I ask forgiveness for being a Yankee fan. It is almost like being baptized. I grew up in the Bronx, less than a mile from Yankee Stadium. There was a time when depression came with a Yankee loss but time and aging have taught me that it is just a game. I don't even have a Yankee hat or bumper sticker. I do have a bumper sticker from Voice of the Faithful, which is often seen by the monarchs of St. Joseph Seminary here in Yonkers as they drive by. So, be careful what you pray for Eduardo. The Red Sox fans have not been well since they won it all. They are desperately in need of a monumental collapse to regain their past glory. Any further confessions please call me at 1-800-go-Yankees.

I do own a NY Yankees hat. It has been transformed into rally cap mode for tomorrow's do-or-die game at Yankee Stadium. And, yes, a word or two of supplication will be uttered for the Bronx Bombers at tomorrow morning's Mass. ;)

Let me divert to a more serious proof of God's existence since Grant is clearly forbidden by his wife to go near a computer on the weekend as his lack of a rapid response demonstrates. I have always believed that the holocaust, the atom bomb over Japan, the crusades, the thirty year war, the inquisition, our civil war, all tribal wars, all wars, the torture of fellow humans, etc., proves that God exists. For a human person so gloriusly structured by our Creator, to inflict such cruelty on each other demands retribution and restoration. The human trafficking that goes on with hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of women demands rectification. Today the rape of women in the Congo continues with sub-human brutality. Beastly. is why, my friends, I insist that the Right to Life movement is a fraud because their decibel level hardly rises to protest this destruction of the downtrodden. But they are not the only group at fault. Very few Americans will acknowledge it but this is worse than 9/11 and worse than all the American soldiers dying in Iraq. Yet there is little uproar because these people have little constituency, advocacy, and no oil to generate interest. Yes there are United Nations forces who are stepping up efforts to protect people from these savages. Yet to a world that Paul VI vowed "Never Again" genocide and savagery continue. Yet the decibel level is for fetuses and showing how everybody else does not have the "fullness" of faith. Protecting orthodoxy is more important than protecting defenseless women. Sounds like a lot of "resounding gong" and "clashing symbol" to me.

Bill, this is a theological argument that I have not heard before. You are arguing for God from evil, rather than from good. In other words, since there are acts that cry out for vengeance, there must be an ultimate Avenger.I must confess, I find myself intrigued.

Only you, Bill, could turn a post about baseball into one about abortion. Perhaps it's the stress of the prospect of another season in which the Yankees don't make into the second week of October.

Grant, I see you are allowed out after 2pm on Sunday. But! Go Giants!!Kathy, looking at the naked bodies ushered into ovens, reading about the plagues in which one was alive in the morning but dead in the afternoon, looking at the survivors of Nagasaki and Hiroshimo describe the terrible bombing (now running on HBO) watching the immigrants, our brothers, lined up for a mile eagerly looking for work contrasted with so many who are fighting for the first places at the banquet I know there must be rectification. Otherwise the world is too cruel and their is no help. I trust in the Lord that the hungry will be filled with good things and the rich will go away empty. Rather than vengeance I prefer justice like in "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for justice, for they will be satisfied." Here is one of our brothers who gives us hope.

No kidding, Bill, this is the most innovative use of theodicy I've ever seen.Another important text would be the Magnificat: He has cast down the mighty from their thrones, and raised the lowly to high places.

Jesus is the answer to theodicy. Here is God's most chosen undergoing the most shameful death, with most of his disciples abandoning him, an apparent disgrace who was despised by all the leaders of his society, especially the religious ones. Nobody can ask why after Jesus. It is clear that our sufferings will never equal his.No other religion has anyone or anything like Jesus. Certainly God speaks to all in her own multifaceted ways. But there is just no one like Jesus. A most curious truth is that most people when asked, christians or non-christian are asked about Jesus it is invariably positive while the leaders of Christianity are looked upon in a generally negative way.

As a former Clevelander who watched too many Indians games that ended badly I believe this is the work of the Devil, not God ... Satan will drag it out until the 7th game of the World Series, giving Clevelanders hope, making them start to believe, only to snatch it all away on a fielder's error or wild pitch or some other inexplicable cause (I remember too well the World series in the 90s that should have ended with Cleveland as the champions because they had the best closer in baseball and all they had to do was close out the 9th inning--until their expert relief pitcher absolutely fell apart, gave up several runs, and again crushed Cleveland's hopes into the dust ... what else but demonic intervention could explain that ?!)

Which Jesus, though, are most people offering an opinion about? Is it "Gentle Jesus, Meek and Mild," or is it the Jesus of whom F. F. Bruce speaks in The Hard Sayings of Jesus: "It is all too easy to believe in a Jesus who is largely a construction of our own imagination --- an inoffensive person whom no one would really trouble to crucify. But the Jesus whom we meet in the Gospels, far from being an inoffensive person, gave offense right and left. Even his loyal followers found him, at times, thoroughly disconcerting."I don't know whether a string about the Yankees is the place to say this, but I think far too much emphasis is placed on the suffering of Jesus. I certainly hope MY suffering will never equal his, but there have been many, many people who have suffered more. And there are also people who have suffered horribly for little or no reason, or without understanding why.

By the way, for any baseball stats fanatics, the Indians' closer I referred to was Jose Mesa. Accordning to Wikipedia: Mesa's performance in 1995 was instrumental to the Indians' 100-44 regular-season record and their first World Series appearance since 1954. In 1997, Mesa's 2.40 ERA, 16 saves, and 4 wins helped the Indians to their second World Series appearance in three seasons. However his inability to hold a one run lead in the ninth inning of Game 7 of the 1997 World Series was a black mark on his career, and Cleveland traded him mid-way through the following season.By the way, Mesa is now a closer for the Phillies ... who also just fell apart. How's that for your cosmic coincidences?

David, we really do not know whether anyone ever suffered more than Jesus. The subject of Jesus's suffering has been distorted often. You are right that people adapt Jesus to their own situation. My point was that most people are attracted to the goodness of Jesus as opposed to too many of his aristocratic and fundamentalist followers. Further Jesus was never the morbid type that many make of his sufferings. He was killed because of his beliefs. Too many of the early fourth century Christian leaders chose adaptation over crucifixion. The next seven councils were called by emperors as the leaders shamefully accepted convenience over the gospel.

Clearly Satan is hard at work: The Angels got swept away by the Red Sox (damned Marxist team!). Bill Mazzella must be right.

Bill, you went so quiet. What happened?

The four big-market teams - New York, LA, Chicago and Philly - were all eliminated in the first round. Who says there is no God?(Although, if he could just finagle a way for the White Sox to get back into it, that would be proof positive ...)

Grant, even in defeat we model the right behavior. That is, if Chicago fans are teachable.

Right. Tell that to the radio announcers who made excuses for the team courtesy of a swarm of gnats. The truth is Yankee fans don't really know defeat, so all they can do is shut up when it's visited on their team. It's how you behave in victory that annoys the rest of us.

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