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Jesuits march ahead

The first laywoman to head a Jesuit school likely to be named soon!  Washington Post.

Confirmed: America.    HT: Gene Palumbo

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As a Syracusan and someone who knows Linda, I would welcome her appointment as president. I don't know anything about the politics of all of that or her other qualifications or internal reputation, but respect her for many reasons and hope it will come to pass. Dr. Fred Pestello also accomplished much here and, I expect, departs with many blessings!

LeMoyne also is home to Jesuit astromer (formerly of the Vatican), Rev. George Coyne, SJ, who has collaborated in some wonderful presentations on science and religion and added so much in his own lectures as well.

Although not an alumnus, many friends are... Go Dolphins!

I think it's wonderful, and very much in keeping with the spirit of the Society of Jesus.  

Though the thing I find most appealing about Jesuit schools are the Jesuits themselves; its too bad there aren't enough of them any more.  

Yes, I saw recently that there are now not quite 17,000 Jesuits worldwide.  Lay people have been and will be taking over more of their  endeavors.

On April 3, the Board unanimously appointed her president. I trust it will be well received and on this 200th anniversary of the re-establishment of the Jesuits after their 40 years of suppression.

Congratulations, Dr. LeMura, Jesuit community, and LeMoyne trustees!

Ad majorem Dei gloriam.

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