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Ukraine: More! AND MORE!

For those of you following events here are some more (and other) comments/views, etc.

Francophones: Le Monde "The Ukraine Crisis in Five Minutes," a short history ending in the current crisis. My French is fading, but I could make it out.

David Ignatius in the Wash Post: "Putin's error in Ukraine Is the Kind that Leads to Disaster."

Dana Milbank in WP offers a vigorous riposte to Obama's critics ending in a mild defense of the president.

Ann Olivier forwards this: Time, "How Putin's Ukraine Invasion Is Already Losing in Ukraine."

Robert Hunter, former U.S. ambassador to NATO  (1993-98): Nato, Russia, and Ukraine.

Chancellor Angela Merkel: She may be the key to a stand-down. NYTimes, March 4

MORE: The British take: Do the U.S. and the EU know what they're doing?

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The commentaries by Ignatius and Millbank seem exceptionally worthwhile. The mis-steps of previous policies by Ukraine leadeship cannot be corrected by an American president. As with the Cuban missile crisis, there has to be some face-saving manuevers. However, in this age one cannot get away with Kennedy's Jupiter missile move...

I'm looking for some kind of referendum... and can the Crimea get peacefully re-attached eventually  to Russia with 60% of the populace supposedly sympathetic and Russian speaking?

Or is world reaction going to force Putin either to retreat with some cover story or to some strategic gesture with the fleet?

And I'm still curious about the despised concession of the Sudetenland- and we all know how that turned out!

I'm definitely skeptical of that Ignatius article. The first factor he mentioned- that Russian people generally oppose the invasion- might be a big deal, but the other three are things that Putin surely anticipated before he made his move.

Sorry, I was actually referring to the Time article (How Russia is already losing in the Ukraine), not the Ignatius one. My mistake.

Putin might be a typical Russian autocrat who thinks he has a right to rule, but to liken him to Hitler, as Hillary Clintn just did, makes me wonder whether she's diplomatic enough to be POTUS.  Over-state insults won't help the situation.

Egos, egos, egos. 

It's a careless thing for her to say. Makes me wonder if she's paying attention to what is going on.

The odd thing is that she did a fine diplomatic job as Secretary of State.  

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