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Cathleen Kaveny Named Libby Professor at Boston College

Long-time Commonweal contributor Cathleen Kaveny has joined the faculty at Boston College as the Darald and Juliet Libby Professor, a position that includes appointments in both the department of theology and the law school. Cathy is the first in BC's history to hold a joint appointment. Her colleagues at BC are understandably enthusiastic about working with Kaveny:

“Professor Kaveny’s appointment places Boston College at the forefront of scholarship in both law and theology, with her most recent work offering critical insights on how American law engages highly contested moral debates in an increasingly diverse society,” said Law School Dean Vincent Rougeau. “She will provide an exciting link between the Law School and the College of Arts and Sciences by offering cross-listed courses that explore the intersection of key legal and theological concepts such as justice, mercy, and complicity with evil. We are thrilled to have her join us.”

You can read the entire press release here. Feel free to join us as we extend our congratulations!

About the Author

Ellen B. Koneck runs Special Projects at Commonweal and teaches in the Catholic Studies department at Sacred Heart University. You can follow her on Twitter.



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Congratulations, Professor Kaveny! Always appreciate your insights and challenges... and maybe someday you'll come to Syracuse to lecture at our fine Jesuit institution of LeMoyne College!


Cathleen, congratulations!  Will Boston be fully as good as South Bend in terms of quality of life?


Isn't Boston the best place to be in the entire US for intellectuals?

Congratulations! I know Notre Dame is supposed to be the cat's whiskers and the bee's knees among Catholic Universities, but I've always been partial to the Jesuit institutions of higher education in this country. I predict that Cathleen and Boston College will be very happy together. :) Excelsior!

Boston College is lucky to have her!!  And Boston is closer to New York than SB.

Congratulations Cathleen and thank you for your insightful contributuions to the development of Catholic moral theology.


God Bless

Thanks, Ellen! And thanks everyone! While I will miss my friends at ND, I'm delighted to be at BC, and really looking forward to the new opportunities and possibilities-especially under a Jesuit Pope!

And I was always a Red Sox fan!



Nobody's perfect.

Congratulations Cathy. I wish you every good thing. But I am absolutely certain that your sole motive is to be closer to New York so you can visit the Colbert show. 

Sorry, I'm confused by a couple of these comments ... aren't New York and Boston the same city?

Congrats!! Sounds wonderful! 


Yay, Professor Kaveny!!  Lucky Boston :-)



This is just wonderful news. Congratulations!  You and BC-- a perect match!  I wish you well there in the week of the anniversary of the Blizzard of '78.



Boston and B. C. both lucky to have you! Cheers, Cathy. Well done.

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