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Commonweal's Tablet App Now Free to Print Subscribers

About a year ago, we launched an extremely handsome Commonweal app for iPads, iPhones and Android tablets, and our goal all along was to make it an integral part of a Commonweal subscription. As of this week, it has finally happened: If you are a Commonweal print subscriber, you can now also read Commonweal using the app, free.

Our tablet editor KeriLee Horan enhances each issue with archival features and other digital exclusives, and navigating around the content, as well as making pages and type larger or smaller, is extremely easy. If you have an iPhone, an iPad, or any type of Android tablet, you  should download it and try it out, especially since it's now built into a print subscription at no additional charge.

If you're a Commonweal print subscriber, just download the app from either the Apple Newsstand or the Google Play Newsstand, click the "Sign In" button, and enter the same e-mail address and password you use on the Commonweal website. (You do have to be registered on the website to get free tablet access.) Click here for full instructions on downloading the Commonweal app.

And if you're not a subscriber, I'm not sure what else we can do to convince you. Try a full year of print and web and tablet for $25 (new and returning subscribers only). You'll even get the big 90th Anniversary issue coming out in October.

Please let us hear any comments about this, or anything else about the way Commonweal handles subscriptions. However, if you're having technical frustrations or something isn't working, you'll get faster service if you write to [email protected] rather than posting your problem here on dotCommonweal.

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The Kindle subscribers get no respect!!

Suppose a Commonweal subscriber has just come home from giving thanks that he hasn't used his credit card at Target or Nieman-Marcus and has also disassociated himself from a bank that formerly had him in its computers (over his objection) ready for hacking. Suppose this subscriber is an old geezer who is going to die (he devoutly hopes) before he needs anything that has an app since he has concluded apps are for saps. But remember he is a print subscriber, i.e., a paying customer.

Will he ever be able to get the "digital exclusives," or is the whole process an effort to force him to cross the digital divide, the side he is on of which is by his choice?

P.S. My renewal notice came today. It's for $59, app or not.

About your 5:24 post, Tom...Ap[p]tly put!  (Sorry, couldn't resist. :-))

Actually, about five years ago my now-adult children made it their mission to pull me, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century, and while they'll never be able to claim complete success, they did introduce me to the world of apps. I'll never have the use for, or interest in, most of the thousands of apps that are available, but there are several of these wondrous creations that can make life easier--e.g., for finding travel directions, reading periodicals (including Commonweal), etc. You might want to  reconsider your "apps are for saps" PR slogan and give the Commonweal app a try. ;)


Maybe someone could combine a Commonweal app with an Angry Birds app. That would be fun.

It is a slick and great looking app. It actually automatically goes to my Apple designed app "Newsstand". The font is attractive, the artwork really good. He whole magazine has a classy, elegant, and simple design. Thoughtful articles that are worth the time and effort it takes to review them. Good, solid work!,,

I have the CWL app on my IPhone. I can't say it works all that well. New issues do not "appear" i.e., download unless bidden, and even then, it's about a week after the print issue arrives in the mail box that they are downloadable.

And as long as I am offering what I hope is constructive observations: the app to browse the blog and/or the magazine has now demanded that I sign in everytime with e-mail and password. A major pain in the B.... brain. Previously it was only an intermittent request.


I went to Apple Newsstand to sign up.  There I clicked the "C", and it lead me to the list of names of apps beginning with the letter "C".  However, the C list does not include "Commonweal".  

What to do? 

Ann, go to the "App Store" (not Newstand, not iTunes), and type in "Commonweal Magazine." Download the app (it will be free). Inside the app, on the top right corner, there is a gear icon. When you touch that icon, touch "Sign In" on the bottom of the list. Use your the username and password you use to sign into our website, and that should do it. 

Kaitlin ==

Thanks very much for the information.  I got to the App Store page, but there is no gear icon.  I think my problem is that I'm using an iBook, not an iPad.  The App seems to work only for the iPhone and the iPad.  I have an iPhone, and I guess I'll try to install it there, though I'm not much inclined to use it for reading stuff.

I'm on my laptop. This is the place were a read Commonweal.

Vlmond LeClerc

Ann, yes -- unfortunately your iPhone is the only place you'll be able to install it. Same thing: Go to the App Store, click the gear, click "Sign In," and then use your website username and password. If you find a way to sign into the App on your iBook, try using your website account (and let us know if that works!).

The app is beautifully done. Excellent work! I will still enjoy reading the printed version of the magazine, but it's very nice to have access on the go, and the digital exclusives are a great bonus. Thank you!

Here's a FREE app that even geezers (I represent that remark) can find helpful:  Fast Customer.  I've used it twice and it saves time (and battery life).  Available for iPhones and Droids.


Also available for Kindle Fire and chrome (sorry to not mention that earlier.)

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