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Pope Francis and Patriarch Bartholomew in Jerusalem: "Mass" or "Meeting?"

In an anticipated moment for ecumenism with the eastern churches, Pope Francis will meet with Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre during his three-day trip in late May. He made the announcement today, the 50th anniversary of Pope Paul VI's meeting with Patriarch Athenagoras.

Visits to Bethlehem in the West Bank and Amman, Jordan, had already been revealed. The announcement of his plans in Jerusalem was what many were anticipating. A few weeks ago Israeli officials were concerned that Pope Francis might not celebrate Mass in Jerusalem during his trip. Now in today's reports there seems to be ambiguity about the function of the meeting at the Holy Sepulchre.

Secular media (AP) is reporting it as a "Mass," but the announcement at today's Angelus was not so specific:

Presso il Santo Sepolcro celebreremo un Incontro Ecumenico con tutti i rappresentanti delle Chiese cristiane di Gerusalemme, insieme al Patriarca Bartolomeo di Costantinopoli.

To my knowledge -- and fluent Italian speakers feel free to correct me -- an ecumenical "Incontro" (meeting, encounter, gathering) is not a typical way of describing a Mass. By my reading, then, Jerusalem will get its big Francis event, but that event will be ecumenical and not a Mass.

This does not take away from excitement around the event, of course. There is an appropriateness for a Mass in Bethlehem and an ecumenical service of prayer in Jerusalem. With Bartholomew's well-known ecological sensibility and Francis's stated interest in authoring an encyclical on such issues, can we expect some kind of joint declaration along those lines? On second thought, wiith Pope Francis, it's foolish to make predictions.

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Since we agree that the orthodox churches have valid orders and valid sacraments, it sems as if Francis and Bartholomew could concelebrate an Eastern Rite Divine Liturgy (probably not a Latin-Rite Mass).

From our standpoint, anyway. Whether the orthodox churches would agree is another matter. 

Another issue is wherher there will be representatives of non-orthodox churches there who might feel excluded. That would argue for a non-eucharistic ecumenical prayer service. 

"incontro ecumenico" leaves the door open. 



Isn't more than a millenium of bitter alienation between equally apostolic traditions of Christianity enough!?!

I hope that Papa Francesco finds the needed gestures to just demonstrate definitiively once and for all to all Orthodox Christians their equality with us and our respect for all their traditions.  Their sacraments are our sacraments.  

If as JP2 once said of Jews that they [the Jews] are "our elder brothers" in the faith, then the Orthodox must be fully our twin sibling.

One source of this ambiguity may be the word "Mass" in Italian. Perhaps, as in Spanish, which I speak, it is used as an all purpose word for a religious service. Any Italian speakers know the colloquial terms in Italian?

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