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Conference on Law and Religion

Commonweal contributor Marc DeGirolami is helping to organize Lumen Christi's 2014 Conference on Christian Legal Thought, which will take place on Friday, January 3, at the University Club in Manhattan. The conference will include two sessions, one devoted to the thought of the late Jean Bethke Elshtain and another to "jounalisitc perspectives" on "public engagement with law and religion." The first session will feature another Commonweal contributor, Eric Gregory of Princeton University. I'll be participating in the second session, along with Marc, the journalist Susannah Meadows, and Rusty Reno, the editor of First Things. More information is available here. You can register for the conference here.

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Matthew Boudway is an associate editor of Commonweal.



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Don't let them try to convince you to go to law school! Commonweal needs you!



$80 registration fee!!! I hope they're giving you a handsome honorarium, Matthew.

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