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Just posted: Our conversation with Francis

Just posted to the homepage: Commonweal's chat with Pope Francis, It's an unprecedented exclusive, the pontiff's first interview with a lay Catholic publication. The questions are searching and probing, the answers even more so. Why are you waiting? Read it now. 

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Dominic Preziosi is Commonweal’s digital editor.



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The editorial is not:  funny, clever, thought-provoking, profound, or in any way worthwhile. So then what is it?  A weak, juvenile, snotty attempt at humor.  Not unlike a typical high-school newspaper.

In other words, not even close.  The editors are an insult to the Catholic Church.



Wait, before anybody deletes that comment, let me print it out. Because I need to frame this, like yesterday.

You're right, Grant. That comment is a brilliant continuation of the spoof, and makes it even funnier. Or snottier, Whatever.

Being a "tight ass" happens in many different ways.

"Maybe we should even talk *to* women."


"Ceci n'est pas un Pape."   

Sorry, but is Commonweal getting senile? Are you so miffed by America's scoop that you have to run an Onion style hoax more reflective of your own narrowness than of the breadth of Franciscan vision?

(Maybe they'll copy America's all-women issue.)

I want to see the Latin version.

Everyone knows that's the only one that counts. Never mind that the first version was not in Latin. Once it gets into Latin, it reaches its definitive form! Who knows how much richness has been lost by putting this into common or standard English. I bet there are whole passages from the Church Fathers that have been omitted!

I hate to be innocent, but before I send this interview to anyone. Is it real? I thought it was great. I just made a copy of it.


Andrew --  It's a spoof.  But it does sound like him :-)

TANGENT  In case you haven't seen it, check out these photos of Francis making a speech while a little boy comes onstage and refuses to leave.  He's obviously a pal.  "Let the little children come unto me  . . ."

Boy Wanders Onto Stage To Hang Out With Pope Francis

I'm seriously encouraged by the boy's reactions.  Children usually can spot a fake friend.  Maybe Francis really is the miracle the Church needs so badly.


Despite O'Leary the Irish have always been known for humor. About time the Italians showed some. Hi Carlo! As a matter of fact Francis (Frankie) is looking to schedule an interview with Commonweal. Georgetown and Fordham are reported to be the highest bidders to host it.

For something like this to work, it has to be really funny.

Ann Olivier, did you notices the comboxes with people instantly talking about pedophilia. Most priests nowadays, in a witch-hunt climate, would shake off that little boy pronto.


It's true that as an Irishman I do not appreciate the heavy-handedness and unsubtlety of American humor. I like Onion, but now that there are so many people producing Onion-style spoofs, this has become a serious threat. Some day one of these stories will be taken as true, with unforeseeable effects. Consider the case of the famed broadcast of The War of the Worlds, which inspired panic. Above all the spoof attributes quotes to Francis on very delicate issues, and these quotes could be circulated as factual.


The servile and fatuous way Catholics hang on every word that falls from papal lips is not improved by juvenile spoofs thereof, which rather compound it.

Don't break your arm.

I think it's really funny when people take the Onion as true. Like the Chines paper picking up on the Onion voting Kim Jong Un the sexiest man alive, or the Iranians buying into the Onion poll that rural white Americans would vote for Ahmadinejad over Obama,

Keep it coming...

Irene, knock yerself out:

Abe- that's hysterical! And the sister site it linked to  "Least Helpful" reviews was even funnier. Thank you

I found the "interview" brilliantly funny, but also illuminating of the strange situation liberal Catholics find themselves in under this papacy.

Our contemplation of faith and conscience is  well-served by an occassional dose of mirth. If Pope Francis does one day grant our editors that privilege, it is because Commonweal, like Pope Francis himself, doesn't insist on taking itself seriously all the time. It is a quality of leadership all too often lacking.

As within religion itself, we find here a wide rage of guilbile as well as skeptical people.

Five of five smiley faces to the editors for the "interview" with Fancis. 

I assume we can look forward to a transcript of the pope's "cold call" to the publicaion.

Don Wigal 

Good grief. Lighten up, already.

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