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dotCommonweal Regular on CNN This Sunday

Our regular dotCommonweal contributor Rita Ferrone will be among the interviewees on a CNN special this weekend, "Pope Francis: A Man of Many Firsts." The schedule at has it set for Sunday at 7:30 PM eastern time. If it doesn't seriously conflict with your football viewing, give it a try.

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Thanks, Tom! I'm identified as a writer for Commonweal, so you guys have a stake in how it all turns out. ;) Seriously, though, even if I didn't have a personal interest I'd recommend the program. It's a good 30 minute overview of the first six months' of Francis's papacy, with some wonderful footage of iconic moments. 

Rita, how exciting for you!  Now I have to figure out what channel CNN is on my television :-)

Great!   But what is CNN?


CNN, Sunday, 7:30 p.m. is on my calendar.



On my cable channel lineup CNN (100) is pretty far away from FOX (118). (wink)


Helen, very cute :-).  Fwiw, typically I would turn off the television rather than settle for any of the all-news stations, but I've found that CNN is less indigestible than the others (and I will certainly watch Rita).  I do occasionally watch CNN in an airport when a seat is available that faces the monitor.

Great I will watch it. I am always curious as to what the people I read, discuss with, and listen to her3 actually look like! Plus I am sure the insights will be excellent!

Rita .. Congrats...

info for For FOX news watchers ....CNN it's just two clicks from your FOX news 'TV on channel'.. Clicker is under the seat cushion.

Thanks everybody! 

George D.  wrote:

I am always curious as to what the people I read, discuss with, and listen to here actually look like!

Mr. D. -- Google Image is remarkably useful in this department.  You will definitely find photos of  someone as accomplished and notable as Ms. Ferrone.


Rita gave some really good video reports from the most recent National Association of Liturgical Musicians (NLM) convention, so I've already seen her in action!  Here's a sample:


Sorry, that's NPM and National Assn of Pastoral Musicians.  Sheesh, can you tell my membership lapsed a few years ago?  Sorry, NPM!

Is watching football now the default American activity, what we're likely to be doing, absent evidence that we're doing something else? 

And has watching football now become the gold standard by which we measure the worth of other activities ("Do your homework tonight if it doesn't seriously conflict with your Monday Night Football viewing")?

Or . . . is referencing football simply a nervous tic -- a conventional, possibly Hemingwayesque way for a male to assure everybody that he's (really) a regular guy?

In any case, it seems that viewing Ms. Ferrone is merely "worth a try" -- but not if you have something better to do.  Mr. Baker's tepid recommendation is appalling.




What Abe said.

Dear Chuck,

Thanks for bristling on my behalf over the thought that this might be a veiled put-down rather than an endorsement. I've known Tom a long time though, and can say with confidence that it's humor (well, possibly not wanting me to get a swelled head either...). Anyway, you can rest assured there was no offense meant or taken. 

Dear All,

I think I also had better mention that I am only one of several observers who were interviewed for the program. The others are: John Allen (CNN analyst and NCR blogger), Chris Belitto (who teaches church history at Kean University in New Jersey) and Cardinal Theodore McCarrick (retired archbishop of Washington DC). 

Maybe once the program airs, I'll put up a post to get reactions to it. The main character, after all, is not the commenters but Pope Francis, and he's a pretty fascinating figure! 

Cheers, Rita!  We'll be watching.  



I have no doubt that Rita is accomplished. I just feel a bit odd googling people out of just curiousity. Plus I think it is improper netiquette, at least according to my daughter. They have a name for it. It's called creeping on people's facebook (or whatever the medium) and apparently it's bad form to publicly at least, say that is what your are doing !

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