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"Let God": 6 Months of Pope Francis's Tweets

Doing some preparation for a panel tonight on Pope Francis's pontificate so far, I made a "word cloud" of his Twitter feed. The most frequently used words certainly corroborate most people's sense that Pope Francis focuses on the fundamentals of Christian life: God, Jesus Christ, love, prayer, life, faith.

But a few of his distinctive emphases appear too -- young and peace, and that prayerful verb of openness: Let.


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Michael Peppard is associate professor of theology at Fordham University, author of The World's Oldest Church and The Son of God in the Roman World, and on Twitter @MichaelPeppard.



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Just remember that these word cloud builders automatically filter out profanity, so I'm sure that this would look a lot different if Francis' potty mouth were allowed to come through.

Good job, Michael and colleagues!

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