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The Commonweal Bloggers' "Rule"

This, then, is the good zeal which bloggers should foster with fervent love: “They should each try to be the first to show respect to the other” (Rom 12:10), supporting one another with the greatest patience. None are to pursue what they judge better for themselves, but, instead, what they judge better for others. To their fellow bloggers they show the pure love of brothers and sisters; to God loving reverence; to their editors unfeigned and humble love.


Let them prefer nothing whatsoever to Christ. And may He bring us all together to everlasting life!” (Rule of St. Benedict, 72 – with adaptations)

Blessed Feast!


About the Author

Rev. Robert P. Imbelli, a priest of the Archdiocese of New York, is Associate Professor of Theology Emeritus at Boston College.



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Deo gratias, the Rule is endlessly applicable!

Damn apostrophe.

Wonderful. Perhaps if we all thought of the Epistles -- Pauline and other -- essentially as blogs, it would help us.

St. Paul can get pretty huffy.  I love the spot (in Galatians?) where he asks impatiently, "What are you people thinking of?"  Maybe dotCommonweal should permit "What are you thinking of?????"

Okay – but none of that "foolish Galatians" stuff!

I didn't say St. Paul was foolish.  What are you thinking of?????  (hee hee)

Chapter 3 of Galatians in the NAB translation reads:  "O stupid Galatians!"  One morning, when this was the beginning of the first reading at Mass, the children in the lower grades of the parish school were sitting in the front of the church. They had obviously been given stern lectures about never calling someone else "stupid," because they gasped and giggled and poked each other, and turned around to check out this extraordinary gaffe on St. Paul's part with their teachers. By happy accident,our adult Bible Study Group was present, and when we reassembled afterwards for our weekly session were scheduled to read the very same passage. Talk about teachable moments....

But "Rules" would take the fun out of the blogging enterprise :-) 

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