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A new look - update

Regular readers of dotCommonweal have probably noticed something different. We've re-launched, with a redesign and some refinements and improvements we've long been envisioning. You can get the full story on our efforts here, but the basic highlights are these:

  • A cleaner and lighter look, optimized for mobile devices and tablets (more and more of you are reading us that way) but also pretty nice looking on your PC
  • An expanded dotCommonweal blog, now incorporating the cultural commentary we used to post at Verdicts, so now you can read posts on religion and politics and movies and books all in one place  
  • Topical pages that include articles from the print magazine along with relevant and related content from the blog

And there's more on the way. But since we're only on Day One, you might encounter some unexpected issues, which you can let us know about here. Or send us an email, complimentary or otherwise, letting us know what you think. 

UPDATE: comments are now open, so feel free to tell us what you like (or don't). But please don't use the comments to ask about technical issues--we can address those only if you use the web form or email address linked to above. 


Commenting Guidelines

Yes, for the love of God, this!

In IE, it's the button with the arrow curving back on itself. 

Looks like you found a bug. I'll add it to the list, thanks.

In the version I have it is a button with 2 arrows, one pointing up and one down.  It also links to F5.


After all these years I learned yet something new about IE .... and I'm about to become a Mac user.  Better late than never, I guess.

After a couple of days of experimenting with the new format, I can say that

  • I have already gone back to a past comment to correct typos and spelling errors. It's a real relief. The world is now more orderly thanks to that! In addition, I'm already making a liberal use of the post-posting edits, the kind of edits which I would not like others to do, but for myself I love it.
  • I'm already pulling my hair out over the comments appearing out of order because of nesting. I'm trying to follow the conversation on the humanities thread, and it's a nightmare. Why did you have to make that change? It's driving me crazy and I may read less, and therefore post less, as a result. Maybe that will be an improvement for the rest of the world... 


no problem. Send me your password and I will edit your comments!



The size of the fonts of the comments boxes has been reduced so much that I literally need to use a magnifying glass to read the writing on my iPhone. It's tiny!! Please go back to the original size.

A realization just dawned on me: even though nesting is allowed, we don't have to use it! We are free not to use it! That would be a simple solution to the problem of nested comments. Maybe replying to comments by clicking on "reply" is just a temptation to be resisted, a test to see if commenters can reach an agreement not to use nesting and stick to it, even though they have free choice!

Test: can we still self-edit?

I can't edit my comments any more?

Not even for 15 minutes -just long enough for proof-reading?

Opinion: I note that the thread on pope Francis' catechesis on the Church is now on page 2 of dotCommonweal but is still active: it seems to me that threads do not stay on page 1 quite long enough.