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The ultimate indignity.

Today Attorney General Eric Holder enjoyed a relaxing day on Capitol Hill, where he engaged in mutually enriching dialog with the House Judiciary Committee at a hearing on Oversight of the United States Department of Justice.During a particularly warm exchange with Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Tex.), the two got into a friendly disagreement about the quality of the FBI's work in its investigation of the Boston Marathon bombers. When Holder claimed that Gohmert might not have full command of the facts, the gentleman from Texas didn't take it very well, and he accused Holder of casting aspersions on his...well, just watch:

Full video here.

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I distinctly heard Gomhert say "aspersions on my asparagus"! He really should try to stay away from words that have more than two syllabuses.Now deceased former Texas Gov. Ann Richards used to employ huge laugh lines about the opening day of the Texas legislature is when villages all over Texas realized that their village idiot had gone missing.

I wonder if urbandictionary gives a hint of what he might have meant.

The ultimate indignity for the US is having someone like this Gomer Pyle wannabe in any part of the gummint!But, then, he IS from Texas and that explains a lot.

I prefer hollandaise, but I'm a traditionalist in many ways. Really, though, on the Louis Gohmert party-of-stupid richter scale, that's about a 2.1.

True or not, the Ann Richards story is priceless!!! As for Louie, well, he does indeed test a person's grasp of reality. Fortunately it only occurs when he's awake and speaking. I am assuming he does sleep from time to time.

This is the same Louie who warned against "terror babies" is it not?

Asperges? I had no idea Mr. Gohmert was so high church.

Mr. Gohmert has always had a way with words:

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