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Guilty of Many Discourtesies...And Now a Couple of Felonies

The Transform Now Plowshares--- Greg Boertje-Obed, Sr. Megan Rice and Michael Walli---were found guilty Wednesday on two felony charges for their July 28, 2012 break-in at and protest at the Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge, the nation's storehouse for bomb-grade uranium.Embarrassingly for the Dept. of Energy, the three cut through four security fences, scaled a heavily wooded ridge, and held vigil for some time at the "fortresslike Highly Enriched Uranium Materials Facility" before guards finally noticed and arrested them."Sister Rice said her only misgiving was that she had waited so long to stage a protest. 'My regret was I waited 70 years,' she said. 'It is manufacturing that which can only cause death.'She was asked why she hadnt felt obligated to inform the Catholic bishop in her area of her intentions. Rice responded: 'Ive been guilty of many discourtesies in my life.'"In Sister Rice's statement one can hear echoes of the humble audacity in Dan Berrigan's statement written 45 years ago this month on behalf of the Catonsville Nine: "Our apologies, good friends, for the fracture of good order, for the burning of paper instead of children, the angering of the orderlies in the front parlor of the charnel house. We could not, so help us God, do otherwise."


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So, No, I am quite sure that even highly intelligent and otherwise decent people are quite capable of putting their heads in the sand.Ann,The chief factor motivating the scientists who developed the bomb was the belief that the Nazis were also attempting to build nuclear weapons. How exactly they were supposed to foresee the that after the defeat of Hitler there would be an arms race with the Soviet Union, or that we would be dealing with the issues we have today with nuclear arms and nuclear materials is beyond me. I suppose they had to know that in some ways they were letting a genie out of a bottle, but it was inevitable that someone, some day would build nuclear weapons, and I am glad it was the United States who was first and who still dominates. The mere visiting of North America by Europeans starting in the late fifteenth century resulted in the death by European diseases of 80% of the North American population in less than 200 years. What now seems clearly to be the overuse of antibiotics may result in a future where antibiotics will not work at all. It is difficult to think of any new technology that doesn't have its downside and could possibly bring catastrophe.

Woe be the Body Politic's short attention span! A Big one is going to blow some day too soon, whether by design or accident. The voices crying in the desert of our over-hyped, scandal of the day, media need to be heard. Why are the Bishops so silent on this ominus threat to mankind. Get tough, remove American flags from all Catholic buildings and grounds. Be willing to take a financial hit. Onward Christian Soldiers,, willing to fight evil as Christ did, without weapons, but with love and forgiveness. Hey people, Gut check time!, or get out of the way!

David N: no need to cut back on book buying ... just shop wisely:www.addall.comI have been using them for 10 year, buying used 99% of the time, and have never once gotten stung!

David N. Just this week I read an article in The Telegraph about the great pbysicist Richard Feynman who worked on the bomb at Los Alamos. He thought the purpose of the bomb was to assure that it would never be used by any nation. He was "shocked" when the bombs were dropped on Japan. See? Great scientists can make great mistakes.Sorry I can't send the site address (am using an iPhone. You can cind it at the Arts and letters site.