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The editors on Guantanamo

Just posted to our homepage, the editors on the plight of the Guantnamo prisoners:

Reviewing the establishment and operation of the prison at Guantnamo Bay, which was intended to keep detainees outside the reach of U.S. law, the report [released by the bipartisan Constitution Projects Task Force on Detainee Treatment].finds that Guantnamo became a symbol of the willingness of the United States to detain significant numbers of innocent people (along with the guilty) and subject them to serious and prolonged privation and mistreatment, even torture.President Obama has resisted attempts to expose government wrongdoing in these matters, saying he prefers to look forward and not back. Even looking forward, however, requires acknowledging the plight of those still held at Guantnamo, many of whom have been there for more than a decade without facing any charges. In that time, the prison has changed from offshore interrogation site to warehouse for those swept up in the post-9/11 panic. Of the hundred sixty-six people currently held in the prison, the government has said it plans to hold forty-six indefinitely without charges: a review ordered by Obama found that they are dangerous but cannot be tried, often because abusive treatment has tainted the evidence against them. Another eighty-six have been approved for release since 2010 but remain in custodythe report calls them victims of the complex legal and geopolitical politics the detention situation has produced.

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This, along with his unnuanced support for abortion "rights" and support of the drone program, are crushing disappoinments to liberals like myself who supported Preseident Obama with such hope. My reading of the tea leaves is that he is either too much the "compromiser" in some false learnings from his community organizing days or is simply unable to take on these different entrenched interests in light of Republican resistance and the continually pressing domestic economic issues. I am increasingly inclined to think we supporters need to more vocal critics even a the risk of aiding some of the opposition. He can't wait to do all of this in his last two years with whatever is left of the composition of Congress.

Are others concerned about this issue? What do you think of the Administration's position?Today's news continues to fly in the face of American claims about our respect for human dignity? And,on a cynical note, Obama is fine with the choice of a woman to abort (let's see what tril in Philadelphia brings) but not so fine with a prisoner with no hope for addressing his suituation ending his own life? I'm far from an anti-abortion activist and clsoser to the Clinton approach "safe and rare," but who's morally influencing our president? I guess Jeremiah Wright isn't!

David P, --I'm concerned about the morality, but it seems we Americans have given up fighting anything to do with the intelligence services. Guantanamo seems to be basically a response to the problem of gathering intelligence, so the intelligence services always seem to have the last word.

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