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New issue now live

Our latest issue is now live. Among the highlights: Cathleen Kaveny on why the Supreme Court isn't likely to rule against the contraception mandate, Steven P. Millies and Gerald Russello on the future of conservatism, and continuing coverage of Pope Francis. Also, Leo O'Donovan writes on theology and censorship, Rita Ferrone reviews new books on Vatican II and liturgical reform, and William Portier assesses George Weigel. Plus, reviews of Michael Hanekes Amour and newly released recordings of the Miles Davis Quintet. You can see the full table of contents here.

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Dominic Preziosi is Commonweal’s digital editor.



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The Steven P Millies and Gerald L Russello tandem of pieces is outstanding, and deserves to reach a wider audience of conservatives than Commonweal readership is likely to represent on its own.

Shouldn't it say "Leo O'Donovan" rather than "Leo Donovan"?

Thanks for fixing it!

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