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Frank Brennan, S.J., on the Jesuit Pope: A View from Down Under

Frank Brennan, S.J., is a distinguished Australian Jesuit, lawyer, and human rights activist. Here are some o f his recent remarks on the new Pope:"At my regular parish mass in Canberra, I greeted the congregation with these words: "Good evening. My name is Frank and I am a Jesuit. I've had a good week. I hope you have too." I have been overwhelmed by the positive response by all sorts of people to the election of the first Jesuit pope. I have happily received the congratulations without quite knowing what to do with them, nor what I did to deserve them!"Read the rest here:


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Pope Francis has so far demonstrated a unique ability to captivate. He seems to leave listeners in a state somewhere between tears of sorrow and tears of laughter. Joni Mitchell once remarked that "heart of humor and humility will lighten up your heavy load". I don't think she was a Jesuit, just a Canadian. But perhaps they have something in common.