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Here's a round-up of some of the Obama-in-Israel coverage."Erin Burnett at CNN used the trip as an opportunity to renew her association with Jewish Home party leader Naftali Bennett, whom she called Naftali, and whose racist policies she ignored, even when he was complaining that his children have to live a few miles away from Arabs.""Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC enthused about the fact that Obama repeatedly referred to Netanyahu as "Bibi," and Netanyahu even called Obama Barack. Why is it so important that these men get along? Because of Iran and Syria, she says. She had on Jeffrey Goldberg and Avi Shavit of Haaretz and Martin Fletcher. It was left to Fletcher, the son of a Holocaust survivor who has thoroughly identified with Israelis, to say that Palestinians are not so keen on Obama." HT: Phillip Weiss.And this from Juan Cole: "The USG Open Source Center translated some reactions from Likud members of parliament and from settler leaders, who are colonizing the Palestinian West Bank. These Israelis warned of the destructive character of Obamas agenda in Israel and vowed to fight any implementation of his suggestions." Those comments will be found here.And perhaps the diplomatic triumph of the visit. PM Netanyahu apologized to PM Erdogan of Turkey for the Israeli attack on the Gaza flotilla. The raid killed nine people including Turkish citizens. Erdogan accepted the apology. Ha'aretzPat Langs summary: "[Obama] did not free Pollard. He didn't offer to give Israel extra free money or guns. He and Natanyahu managed to conceal their true feelings about each other. BHO's speech to the "youth group" was very skilled and the reaction both positive and negative was useful. He apparently did not accept Israeli instruction on Iran and Syria." More Here.Per David Pasinski, please file these under the Scallion, a newsletter that may bring tears to your eyes.

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Appreciate the plug... I couldn't peel myself away from a bunch of these...But seriously folks... Is there truly any hope for two-state solution? And have we learned anything useful abouo how to encourage stopping rocket atttacks or what the heck the "Iron Dome" is about and really did or didn't do? And, most of all, is there going to be an action on Iran?

If it's not a two-state solution, it will have to be a one-state solution, which nobody seems to want. I am very excited about your new publication, The Scallion, is it? Or just Scallion? What about the motto/epigraph, "may bring tears to your eyes" or not... And, of course, The Scallion is much more difficult to peel than the Onion. I have just peeled several scallions--slippery!Personally and philosophically, I am hoping "action on Iran," goes to the back-burner, as reported in the latest issue of The Scallion, "Felafel shortage cuts into Iran's nuclear budget--bomb delayed five years, bomb-readiness delayed 5.5 years.'

I would like to share your perspective that the "falafel shortage" will deter a strike, but I worry...I think "The Scallion" is the right title as my Bored of Directors rejected the "National Catholic American Commonwealth Scallion Reporter."All responsible religious leeks will be published therein.

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