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Unfair postal rate hike.

Who's behind the postal rate hike that will punish smaller periodicals to the tune of 30-percent in rate increases, and reward larger publications with hikes of less than 10 percent? Click here to find out. (Hint: it rhymes with Wime Torner.) I've signed the petition at that site, and urge you to consider signing too.

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Good Work, Grant.

This is only part of the "businesslike" system our Post Office operates under. A couple of years back I spent a year working in CFS (Computerized Forwarding System) at the local main post office. In that time I probably discarded an average of a hundred undeliverable credit card solicitations each day. One of the older, and more cynical, employees used to tell me to be thankful that those companies were keeping me in a job. He also told me that the reason so many of these things were sent out to people who didn't even have a real address was that the post office had offered the banks a low rate in order to (as Lucy put it) make up for it by volume.So that's part of the background to Capital One aces out Commonweal.

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