After Hopkins

Indivisible I divine

            in leaf’s veins, lung’s blood,

                        floodplain and feathered cloud,

where the all ails, avail.


We’ve summoned by reduction

            the valenced none, digressed,

                        through manias of distinction,

out of reverence, are undeceived


and undone. Therefore, repair.

            Let mountain and meteorite

                        accord in scale, write in alleles

aves in human and bacterium alike.


Let us learn to lean again

            on the awe-obstinate phrase,

                        like that poor priest who fused

the disparate trout spots,


                        cloud colors, into one praise.

—Brandon Krieg

About the Author

Brandon Krieg is the author of a poetry collection, Invasives (New Rivers Press), a finalist for the 2015 ASLE Book Award in Environmental Creative Writing. He lives in Kalamazoo, Mich. and is a founding editor of the Winter Anthology:

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More Brandon Krieg, please.  First-rate. 

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