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And Now For My Next Act...

What do you do after winning four Olympic gold medals?If you're U.S. swimmer Missy Franklin, you go home to Colorado for your last chance to swim with your high school team. Franklin's a senior at Regis Jesuit High School in Aurora, and will---as she did last winter---swim an abbreviated schedule with her schoolmates this winter.

According to Regis Jesuit Raiders athletic director John Koslosky, "She's doing this because of her team, her school and the other girls who swim in high school," Koslosky said. "And she wants to. They all want her there."Regis Jesuit seems as proud of Franklin as the University of Notre Dame is of its football team.

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I recall this coming up during the Olympics. She's my favorite among all the most recent Olympians, not least because she went to a Jesuit high school, but I really wish she would turn pro and "cash in" while the opportunity is ripe. Perhaps she'll have 2-3 more Olympics in her future and will still have plenty of time to make a lot of money, but who knows what the future would bring? One injury can end an athletic career, and it seems to me it could happen in a high school pool as easily as in a world-class meet.I'm truly puzzled why competing against high school athletes would be important to her, when she's already demonstrated that she can compete - and defeat! - the best athletes of any age on the entire planet. It would be like a Rhodes Scholar going back to sit through high school geometry.Her situation seems pretty comparable to those basketball wunderkinds who make themselves eligible for the NBA draft after their freshman year in college.

This is a digression, except it's about some more splendid teen-age athletes. They're the winners of a recent shag dancing contest. He's the best thing since Michel Jackson. Yes, there is hope for the world if these kids' enthusiasm, discipline and creativity are any indication of what's out there :)

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