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New Issue, Now Online

The new issue is now online.Highlights: Joseph Sorrentinos photo essay on the dangers faced by migrants traveling through Mexico aboard the train of the unknowns, Elizabeth Kirkland Cahill on the connections between Mr. Biswas and Mr. Bond (James Bond), and our 2012 Christmas critics. Also posted today: E.J. Dionne on how Mitt Romneys loss seems to be spurring bishops to rethink the churchs rightward tilt.

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No place else to put this: who's the white-haired dude at the end of this clip?

I forgot to give credit: H/T Rocco PalmoMea culpa.

"Rarely does a document reach the floor of the conference and then fail to win the two-thirds majority necessary for approval. Something is stirring." Cardinal Law left in disgrace but his appointees remained to continue to embarass the American church. Now even the bishops are tired of an insipid leadership which has left them mired in disgrace for advocating a partisan agenda. Even John McCain is saying the Republicans should get off the abortion politics bandwagon.

In the next conference 'Rarely does a document reach the floor of the conference" they might bring in Dem Majority leader Pelosi to count the votes before the vote, (-:

Jim, thanks for the clip! You can see the same "white-haired dude" giving a wonderful talk, instructive, entertaining, and hopeful, at

Thanks to Jim and Claire for the links to the white-haired dude. Great stuff.

What is the current bidding on the transcipt of the conversation between the Josephs?

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