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One more Twinkie

Very Serious People have noticed the demise of Twinkies:The Twinkie Manifesto informs us (me) that Twinkies sponsored "The Howdy Doody Show." Didn't know that!Paul Krugman quickly pivots to 1950s tax rates for top earners (90%) explaining why they too had to lunch on twinkies and ate from brown paper bags.

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Check this out:'s excellent. You'll be wanting to pass it around.

Let's hope Mayor Bloomberg never watches! Has he ever gone to the Bronx? Has he ever been in a Bodega?

I didn't know Twinkies sponsored Howdy Doody, either. I was too old for Howdy, although my little sister liked him. (The shows I loved as a child were on radio: Boston Blackie, Sky King, Smilin' Ed, Henry Aldrich, Baby Snooks, etc.)

The Bodega clip was great! I just learned Hostess owned Drakes. The bodega staples of Drakes 3 pack cookies and Funny Bones may not be with us much longer.I loved the coconut cookies! I once found a lump of something in one of mine and when I sent the lump and the wrapper it came in back to Drake's, they sent me $10 in coupons. Which was enough for 40 new packs of coconut cookies!I read in the paper that the bosses and the workers have agreed to mediation, so maybe there is still hope..

About being fat -- Many people are irrational about it and suffer needlessly over it. This afternoon I asked one of my doctors whether it's true that if you don't have a disease that's exacerbated by being fat (e.g., heart trouble or diabetes) that fat of itself is not a health problem. He said, Yes, that true. Check this out with your own MD, and if you're in good shape otherwise, enjoy your Twinkies while you may :-)

We have bodegas in Michigan, but we call them "party stores." I'll attest to the Honey Buns being a staple, but licorish whips run a close second."What's Country Club?" "Exactly."What a great clip, Gene!

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