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Then tell us about your experience. Your Election Day open thread begins now.


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I voted last Thursday by mail in California and voted for Obama. Some interesting propositions here too - one doing away with the death penalty (voted for it) and one mandating the labeling of GMOs (also voted for it).Voting early is a good thing, I think. Notre Dame philosophy professor Gary Gutting mentions in his NYT's post ... You already know a great deal, pro and con, about Obama and Romney ... How could a few further facts a last-minute gaffe, a change in the unemployment rate, a new attack ad make a decisive difference? Dont privilege the tiny sliver of data that comes in during the next few days over the substantial body of information youve accumulated over months and even years

Michael, I take that remark as tongue in cheek, correct? We've had so much talk about intrinsic evil and formal and material cooperation, you'd think the people are intersted in moral theology...and while I know there are folks who don't vote on principle and/or for religious reasons, I will respect their opinions, but believe that choice is is just a symbol of disengagement that is not healthy, but that's strong opinion, I guess....And not voting is abstention from "formal cooperation"-- ???

The Dow is up 133, and S&P is up too. Something is afoot. Small business pro-Democrats?Voting in New Orleans is very heavy.

What happens if someone votes early, then dies before election day? Is that vote counted? Should it be?

Shirley and I just voted at Acalanes High School in Lafayette, CA. Enormous paper ballot that you mark up with a pen, then put in a machine to read. Lots of propositions including one that someone put in just to suppress Gov. Brown's attempt to balance the budget with new taxes. Also one to abolish death penalty. Some pretty misleading propositions, though. They said turnout was good but we had no wait at all. You just bring in a card that was mailed to you, they look up your name, you sign the register and they give you a ballot. Pretty good system and has been in use for years.I hope interest in the propositions will help raise California voter turnout because Obama needs all the popular vote he can get. Feinstein should be a shoo-in.

I voted after substitute-teaching for a 2nd grade elementary school ESL class. Voted all-Democratic ticket, which means I cast no vote for many Republican candidates running unopposed. Sometimes it feels like Democrats are a "despised minority" here. Since July, the bishop of this diocese rallied churches of all denominations to attend inter-faith meetings to pray for "religious freedom" in America...really amped up folks in this very churchy TexasPanhandle city! Progressive Catholics must keep their heads down...praying...

My first time voting in our new neighborhood, so I wasn't sure what to expect, but at 2 p.m. I was the only voter at my little polling place here north of NYC. In fact the poll workers had me outnumbered 5 to 1. But the scanner said mine was the 189th ballot cast (of which I'm sure at least 100 were pre-9 a.m.), and I imagine things started picking up again at 6 or so.

Well this Catholic (since 2005), College Graduate, Single Parent, Small business owning woman went with her college student daughter to our polling place around 10:30am and voted for President Barack Obama and Sen. Sherrod Brown --Yes, I'm one of the "lucky" Ohioans who has endured ceaseless campaign ads!(We had about a 20 minute wait. A fairly decent line was forming and heard that by 7:30am there had been double the voters of the last presidential race.)

I'm another California voter. Go Obama! Go Diane Feinstein! Go Barbara Lee!

My son and I went to vote at the Longwood Jr. high last night on Long Island. We of course got on the longest line while other lines were very short or empty. We were finished in about one half hour so maybe I'm spoiled. I wasn't going to vote because of the electoral system and I reject the Mormon Cult and heretical preaching of Rev. Wright of which he is neither.

"What happens if someone votes early, then dies before election day? Is that vote counted? Should it be?"Yes, it is counted because we have secret ballots. The election officials know WHO voted, but cannot identify WHICH ballot belongs to whom, so there's no way to weed out the ones from those who may have died. Moreover, how is this much different from voting on election day and getting run over by a bus on your way home from the polls? If you're alive during the legal window of time you can cast a vote, your vote should count.Interesting related issue: The mentally infirm are also allowed to vote if they're 18. George Will's son with Down Syndrome votes. People with dementia vote. My students yesterday suggested there be a competency test to vote, and I told them the story of voting tests used in the South to "weed out undesirable" (i.e., black) voters.