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When your local news is neither local nor news... may live in Ohio. Last night, in place of ABC World News and Nightline, at least one Ohio ABC affiliate broadcast an "election special" that looked like a news program, but was actually a partisan critique of the Obama administration. It was even hosted by the station's news anchors. Talking Points Memo has the story:

TPM has learned that WSYX and at least one other station operated by the Sinclair Broadcast Group in the crucial swing state last night aired election specials, which included content prepared by their corporate parent company. Some TPM readers may recall Sinclair has a history with this kind of thing. In the run up to the 2004 election, controversy erupted over the companys plan to air a movie attacking then-Democratic presidential nominee John Kerrys Vietnam record. Sinclair owns and operates, programs or provides sales services to 74 television stations in 45 markets, according to the companys website.The half-hour program that aired on WSYX, obtained by TPM, was billed on the stations website as ABC 6 Election Speical - VOTE 2012. But at times, it sounded more like Fox News than local news.


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And the reason to be surprised by this is ??? Local stations are heavily dependant on their owners' wishes (are their any locally owned independent TV stations left?) and the pushback from advertisers. Objectivity went the way of financial interests a lonnnnnnng time ago.

s/b "there", not their.

A local station in St. Louis ran a profile of the SF Giants on Saturday instead of the Breeders' Cup Classic.Today, TCM ran The Fountainhead. (In support of Paul Ryan?)