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All-Catholic VP debate livestream / viewing party / open thread.

You can watch a livestream of the debate below. If you want to follow along with the comment thread, I suggest opening this page in another tab, and reloading it regularly to keep up with the conversation.


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TANGENT: Can anybody refer me to some information on the net about making Adobe Flash work on an Apple machine? It seems that it doesn't work on Macs, and I miss out on a lot of cool stuff.

With a dumbell in his hand and a backwards baseball cap on, Ryan looks a bit like Gomer Pyle.

At least it wasn't a Shake Weight.

Ryan's flag is bigger.

Opening question: "In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit."

"Amazing biceps, Paul."

He only has one. That's why he's always photographed from the right.

Joe Biden is looking like a question-dodger.

So far they both seem to be tripping over their memorized sound bites in the process of making them fit the point they actually need to make.

I feel in slightly better hands with this moderator than that other one. So far.

Those are some giant water glasses from the future.

"Malarkey" and "my friend" in one answer. That's what good about Joe.

Ann, I have a mac too and the debate video is working for me here ...

This was a totally predictable line of questioning, and Biden seems underprepared.

Ryan says embassy left unprotected.Biden zings back: Ryan's budget cut $300 from support budget.

Biden zings: Unlike usual bipartisan support in time of crisis, Romney faulted Obama.

I think the way to regain America's confidence in your ticket's brain power (or foreign policy) is not to say "With all due respect, that's a bunch of mullarkey."

I like how Paul Ryan got so confused in his response that he forced the moderator to change the subject.

Also Ryan says "nuclear" correctly, so that's a bad sign.

Yes - Martha Raddatz hasn't said all that much, but I think it must be a testament to her moderating that they're both getting thrown off the script by her questions.

Ryan is flat out lying about Iran.

Biden: "Incredible. Huh-hah."

Faster, centrifuges, faster.

"Martha, let's look at this from the point of view of the ayatollahs."

Why is Ryan disrespecting our ally Netanyahu and his very convincing cartoon bomb?!

Ryan: Ayatollahs watching the debate in Congress over sanctions for two years. Really??? Is that what Ayatollahs spend their time doing.

Ryan: The Iranian's nuclear threat is very great now. They now have enough nucler material for 5 bombs.Biden: But they don't have a weapon to put it in.

She's had enough already

Bibiblabla: also known as mullarky.

"Get ayatollahs to change their minds" is really reminiscent of GW Bush language.

Ryan: "It's Irish,"Biden: We call it Mullarkey.

Biden: Iran is totally isolated..... Russia? China? India? and Southeast Asia, etc.

"Bunch of stuff". I like it.

"They're four years closer to a nuclear weapon..." and... Obama has been president for four years... WAIT IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW. If only we didn't measure nuclear readiness in "years."

Ryan is looking pretty incredible. If you know what I mean.

Raddatz repeats Gates: Bombing Iran could haunt us for ages!! So guys, what is this debate over iran about?

Ryan: Iran is the biggest sponsor of terror in the world! Really?

Raddatz: Let's change the subjects, guys! Jobs!!!!

Biden looks like a smirking teenager. With dentures.

Aaaaaand cue the 47% speech! Biden's all het up now.

Great point, Kathy.

Finally, the 47 percent shoe drops.

"Joe and I are from similar towns. This is how I start my speech."

These are retirees, fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan...

Hey Paul, Scranton and Janesville are not the same places.... Really have you ever been to Scranton?

Scranton mention! Drink!

Did Ryan *really* just say that unemployment is going UP???? Or did I mis=hear?

"Mitt Romney is a car guy."And a lake guy.And a tree guy. And a coal guy.And a Jim Lehrer guy.

Romney makes a Christmas visit--with gifts. Thanks Paul....