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Evolution and the Big Bang a Jewish Hoax?

Who knew? Via Talking Points Memo. Read the whole, incredible story:

Meet our new friend, Georgia State House Rep. Ben Bridges (R), chairman of the retirement committee in the state house.

Bridges is now in a bit of trouble for spillingthe beans about evolution being the product of a Pharisee Jewconspiracy to bamboozle normal Americans and destroy Christianity.

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Eduardo Moisés Peñalver is the Allan R. Tessler Dean of the Cornell Law School. He is the author of numerous books and articles on the subjects of property and land use law.



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Wow!We need a real Kabbala expert to settle this important textual interpretation.What are the odds that Madonna reads this blog and will weigh in?

Georgia politicians sure are doing their best to demonstrate state of the art religious understanding. Recall that this is the state that gives us Lynn Westmoreland, the Congressman who co-sponsored a bill to have the 10 Commandments in the Senate and the House of Representatives. He was then interviewed by Stephen Colbert who asked him to name the 10 Commandments (after wondering if the congressman really could think of no better kind of building within which to place the 10 Commandments -- think church, synagogue). Congressman Westmoreland was able to name three.

Always good when an idiot provides proof of his affliction up front. Saves a lot of time and trouble figuring it out over the long haul.

It's also good that this chap is not one of us. If he were, Bill Donohue might weigh in on his side.

On the topic of Georgia's politicians, I ought not demonize them. However, the PBS program Religion and Ethics had a presentation two weeks ago on the harsh results of a new Georgia law dictating where sex offenders of any type may not live, resulting in an Alzheimer's patient being tossed out of a nursing home (a church opened across the street, I believe) and several women who had consensual sex in high school being branded as offenders for life and told to leave their homes near school bus stops. Until his death Feb. 13, I thought U.S. Congressman Charles Norwood was a complete xenophobe because of his immigration positions. And he voted against extending the Voting Rights Act! Anyhow, the obits made him more understandable, so I too have to admit he is part of our human race. See this death notice for Norwood. York's AAA (automobile association) reports that Georgia law requires one to move out of the nearby lane if one sees a police officer at a traffic stop. Good safety move, but you are required to do that even if the next lane is a terror with speeding trucks! Georgia law.Joe McMahon

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