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Web-site woes.

Are you having trouble leaving comments on the blog? Experiencing other Web-site-related weirdness? If you can manage to leave a comment on this post, please explain in detail the technical difficulties you're having. It will be helpful to know what operating system you use (Windows 98, XP, or Mac OS X) and what browser you use (Internet Explorer, Firefox/Mozilla, Safari). Have you attemped to log out before logging in to leave a comment? Have you recently cleared your browser's cache? What about its cookies? Etc.

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I'm afraid I've experienced absolutely no difference in what I do to be able to post comments -- I have this sneaky suspicion that if I'd paid the twenty five bucks to become official I might be having these problems.For what it's worth, this is Windows XP with Firefox/ Mozilla, don't really know what a cache is, tend to leave cookies alone, and my in-house computer tech has gone back to school.

If I disconnect the Internet connection (I have dial-up, oh the shame of admitting it), and then reconnect, I can't post. I have to log out and back in. Works fine otherwise.Windows Millenium w/ Internet Explorer.

I have xp. My experience is exactly as Jean's and I have cable. My quess is Jean and I might be more willing to work through this or figure it out. Others may have thought they were banned or the like. If anyone who is not posting wants to persevere, the step is to logout, then login and return to the blog. At least until Grant finds a way to make it easier.

I can post fine, so long as I log on again after having left the site. The instructions for entering a new password were a bit confusing.

Barbara: would you say more about the confusing instructions. Why did you want to enter a new password?

I didn't. It just appeared at the time that I had to, and then upon further reading I realized that I didn't unless I subscribed or something like that. So I cancelled and everything appears to be in working order since that time.

I have encountered no problem recently. I have XP and Firefox. I log in each time when the Commonweal home screen comes up, before I go to blogs.Many thanks for being concerned about possible problems. Joe

I am not having any difficulties at the moment. Thanks for asking.

I have Windows XP and a sadly slow (but free) dial-up. I was accustomed to looking in at the blog and then leaving to do other online and offline work. Prior to the recent improvements, if my dial-up timed out and then I re-dialed , I had no trouble posting to the blog without logging into it again. Now I have to log in again before posting. Gene suggests that maybe it's only the registered who are having this problem. Though a long-time Commonweal subscriber I haven't registered yet, having been put off by my first try at that. (I put in the code described in the pop-up instructions but kept getting a message saying it was the wrong code.)

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