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Set your DVRs.

Because Commonweal columnist M. Cathleen Kaveny (we understand she also works for a little-known Catholic university in the Middle West) will be the guest on tonight's Daily Show with Jon Stewart. In the meantime, enjoy this amazing rant from Lewis Black.

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M. Cathleen Kaveny must have a booking agent with good taste! Congratulations!

Exciting! On Sunday Cathleen wrote "I like Jon Stewart -a lot, in fact." Will that come up? Will the topics discussed be related to the exchange below? How long ago did she get invited to appear on his show? In any case, that's very exciting!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------#Barbara 02/26/2012 - 1:16 pmCathy, When was the last time anyone serious tried to engage the bona fides or rational basis for the statement life begins at conception? You expect SNL and John Stewart to not only be funny but to actually engage serious issues that most others are too cowed or too something to engage?#Cathleen Kaveny 02/26/2012 - 1:19 pm Barbara, come on! I like Jon Stewart -a lot, in fact. But Im also interested in mapping the way rhetoric works in the political realm. Prophecy has its advantages and disadvantages as a form of political rhetoric. And so does satire.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Isn't that a rip. Cathy, at one time, was begging for tickets to the Colbert Show is not the guest on the Today Show. Well known here that Colbert is the show she loves. Cathy will probably try to see Colbert and may do his show next. Has she come a long way, baby, or are the stars just favoring her this month. Will be fun to watch. And the post mortem can go anywhere......

Beats Fr, Barron I would guess.

Quid pro quo?

Way to go, Cathleen!!

I will be nudging my wife on the couch tonight saying "I know her! (sort of)" :-)

11:20P -- Hard to imagine. Natural law and degrees of cooperation with evil on the Daily Show! She does great.

Euge, Cathy.

Cathleen, you did wonderfully well!

Yes, Cathy. Stewart was really interested in what you were saying. Did you get to talk to him more about it after the show? There's a lot of the rabbi in him, I think.

Among the things I learned is that Cathleen's last name is accented on the first syllable :-)

Maybe we need a rant on all those who undermine or trivialize serious discussions!

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