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Is Cain able? (IV)

Sweet Marie, there's another GOP debate tonight. With Ceo-of-Self Herman Cain still leading the field, he's sure to receive lots of attention from the moderators--and his competitors. They're going to want to know why, for example, he doesn't think foreign-policy experience--or knowledge, really--matters much in this race.

Which reminds me.

InThis Is Herman Cain! by Herman Cain, the self-inspirer relates a watershed moment for his foreign-policy philosophy. After the second debate in New Hampshire,

People came up to me and said, "You know what I like most about what you said in the last debate? When you said you don't have all the information--that you didn't pretend to have a plan for Afghanistan."

As Cain explains in an Appendix A (there are five appendixes), "it is naive to think that someone running for president must have an answer for everything.... A real leader has the right questions for everything." When it comes to Afghanistan, Cain doesn't want to propose a "half-baked plan just to pretend to know everything" because "I do not have access to every piece of classified information." Or, apparently, a subscription to a major newspaper. But he does have enough information to be disappointed in President Barack Obama's June 22 statement proposing "an abrupt withdrawal of our troops." (In fact he proposed no such thing.)"In essence," Cain claims, "his statement was a stark reminder that while one might campaign in poetry, one must govern in prose."(Tune in next time for a sample of Cain's verse.)

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I don't see him as any worse, any stupider, any more revolting than those he's contending against. If you had to choose one of the Republicans to be our president, which one would you prefer? Bishop Romney?

1) Way too mnay Cain threads!2)Cain is inept as a political leader.3)But so are most if not all GOP candidates.

When Barack Obama was running for President he had been a two term State Senator and was in his first term as US Senator. What foreign policy knowledge or expertise did he have? Well, he lived as a child in Singapore.....he took a trip to Europe as a presidential candidate.......The disdain, nay disgust, with Herman Cain is proof positive that self-styled liberals did not vote for President Obama because of the color of his skin; but simply because he was a fellow liberal. This will not spare them the accusations of being racist because of their dissing of Herman Cain. He's a conservative and that's all they need to know.

Jack Foley:He lived as a child in Indonesia.

Electrified fence on our border with Mexico! - a joke?He said if I have offended anyone, "mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa." I would more convinced if he had said: "mea culpa, mea culpa, mea MAXIMA culpa."

What is Cain offering? A president with great self-confidnce and an apparently incurable optimism. What is this country losing? Self-confidence and its historical optimism. Hmmm.

The whole Republican menagerie is a farce. I long for a solid man like Bob Dole. Ronald Reagan? He was the model for these wanabees, with experience as a cowboy in Death Valley Days.

"I long for a solid man like Bob Dole."Hell, I told Raber the other day that I was thinking fondly of Richard Nixon. A pitfall of getting older is that we think everything is getting worse and people are getting dumber. As my baby brother reminds me, "Now you know why we die. We want to."Anyhow, I'm glad we're now advancing the Kingdom of God now.

I'm sure that my earlier comment was deleted in order to advance the Kingdom of God, but I just wanted to throw this link out there: for a moment and reflect upon the fact that this man is a front-runner for nomination for the presidency. The gist of what I said in my earlier anti-Kingdom-of-God comment was that, while American candidates for important offices often look nuts to people in other countries, this year seems to have had a bumper crop. If Palin had actually decided to throw in her hat, she'd have formed some sort of unholy trinity of absurdity with Bachmann and Cain that would have cause the earth to collapse in on itself. It's funny, but not really.

"American candidates for important offices often look nuts to people in other countries, this year seems to have had a bumper crop."Yes, I'm sure Herman Cain just seems downright outrageous to voters having to face Silvio Berlusconi...or maybe Putin, what with his ice cold swims and bear-hunting. And of course I'm sure the voters of France would have much preferred Dominique Strauss-Kahn, prostitution ring or not, to Cain's antics! And that's just Europe. But you're right, compared with those mild mannered, upstading politicos, Cain is downright offensive.

Jack Foley's "he's a conservative that's all we ned to know" is a clear example of the thoughtless palaver that permetes the GOP right these days.

"Jack Foleys hes a conservative thats all we ned to know is a clear example of the thoughtless palaver that permetes the GOP right these days."He actually said "that's all THEY need to know." Of course I'm not surprised to see you changing quotes to fit your as-always objective, fair and balanced attempts at dialoguing with those who dare to disagree with you.

Thanks Jeff for the correction/I still think the sense of defensivemess in that post is exemplary of the fair balanced approach we might find at Fox and its devotees.And many thanks for the as always fair and balanced appreciation of my participation - I guess you know how those Comonweal Catholics are.

Oh, Jack, I don't find Cain disgusting in the least. I actually find him winning--and also intermittently hilarious. Incidentally, there is a world of difference between not having foreign-policy expertise and pretending you don't really need any to be president.

"Yes, Im sure Herman Cain just seems downright outrageous to voters having to face Silvio Berlusconior maybe Putin, what with his ice cold swims and bear-hunting."Ouch! Thanks for putting that in perspective! hough it doesn't really make 999 any more palatable.

Not the point, I know, but is his pizza any good?

Well good, Jeff, you can rest easy knowing that you've risen to the standards of Russian and Italian politics.

Did any of y'all happen to watch the Nevada debate last night? Probably this is a function of the fact that I'm not put off by the prospect of seven or eight conservatives talking sorta substantively about politics for two hours, but -- as theater, it was pretty darned good. They're all getting better at performing on television. The guys who, despite being in the grip of presidential fever, are also there to promote their ideas - Gingrich, Paul, Santorum - make it highly watchable. There was also an element of raunchy reality TV in the air; pretty clearly, Perry wanted to put his fist in Mitt Romney's patrician, patronizing snoot when the latter put his hand on the former's shoulder.

Cain has been outed as pro-choice. His 9-9-9- raises taxes on 84% and lowers it for top 10% according to Wash Post 11-20... he a doornail now so no need for Cain-able V. Jim P..... Mormons are never patrician even when they move to Boston with money. (-:

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