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Zenit founder & editorial director resigns.

Jesus Colina, founder and editorial director of a news agency sponsored by the Legion of Christ, has been asked to step down. According to a letter Colina sent to Zenit employees, the Legion of Christ asked him to step down after he resisted efforts to more closely identify Zenit with the Legion. Colina also wrote that the Legion hid "relevant facts" from him about the scandalous behavior of Fr. Marcial Maciel. John Thavis of Catholic News Service has the story:

The founder and editorial director of the Catholic news agency Zenit has resigned, citing problems of trust and transparency with Zenit's sponsoring organization, the Legionaries of Christ.Spanish journalist Jesus Colina, who established Zenit in 1997 and helped build it into a seven-language agency with about 450,000 email subscribers around the world, said he had been asked to resign because he resisted pressures to identify the agency and its work more closely with the Legionaries order.(...)Colina said one issue of contention was that Legionary officials were less than candid with Zenit about the facts regarding the scandal surrounding the late Father Marcial Maciel Degollado, founder of the Legionaries, who was discovered to have sexually abused seminarians and fathered children.Colina said his resignation was requested by Legionary Father Oscar Nader, the new president of Zenit's governing council. The reason given, Colina said, was that "my activity in the world of Catholic communications does not demonstrate the institutional dependence of the agency on the congregation of the Legionaries of Christ, an identity that will from now on be underlined."(...)Another issue, Colina said, was a debate over the financial transparency of Zenit. He said that two years ago, Zenit had asked that its finances be clearly separated from the Legionaries order; the concern was that accusations of financial scandal connected with the Father Maciel case could undermine the trust needed in its annual fundraising efforts.

It's not as though the news about Maciel is just breaking, so what took Colina so long remains unclear. What is new, however, is that the Legion is planning to be more upfront about its sponsorship of Zenit. The casual reader learning about Maciel from Zenit would hardly know the agency is sponsored by the order he founded. Step one in this new era of transparency might be adding more than two references to the Legion of Christ in Zenit's FAQ.

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Colina steps down?The whole damn Curia, that has not reined in this corrupt Legion should step down.. Maybe the Curia based in Italy, a country with the highest tolerance for unending corruption, should be moved to another country.. been done before and should be done again. Odds on more Legion corruption being exposed = 99%... odds on Vatican doing anything about Legion =ZERO Odds on people on this blog defending Vatican in-action on Legion =100%

Unless I missed something, I counted only two references to the Legionaries of Christ in the news agency's FAQs.Why would the Legionaries want to sully ZENIT's reputation further by means of "guilt by association"?Or do the Legionaries believe they will attract more of "the faithful" by increasing the number of LC references in ZENIT's website?What's the (underlying/real) motive?

Better that people learn of the compromised provenance of Zenit, and hopefully ignore it to the point of bankruptcy.I welcome the transparency, but cannot imagine how anyone finds the Legion other than an exploitive cult.Ed, I do not challenge your odds. The Vatican's response says as much about its own corruption as that of the Legion's.Several years ago, Alvaro Corcuera, head of the Legion after Maciel, told survivor Juan Vaca, former head of the order in the US, that the Legion should offer compensation for abuse. As of last week, Juan has received nothing.All that money-raising prowess and those hyper-obedient clean-cut priests and seminarians throwing incense at hierarchs are just too much to forego.

"hyper-obedient clean-cut priests and seminarians' I first encountered them in a NorCal. religious retreat center years ago.. they were making a Catholic census???? This in a place of gated estates 1/2 to a mile apart and the 20 something seminarians were extremely good looking,[Marcial #1 rule]. especially wearing full sutanes. [Marcial #2 rule]. When I asked what was going on, an old priest said they were trying to 'land on' old rich widows. And they did as with the Mees case. And the Vatican hierarchs, of course, got some of the 'spoils'

Why does the Legion want to make its influence on Zenit more visible?

I am a true victim of the Legions. I am the niece of Gabrielle Mee. Our family has been left with little financial resources to fight this order of criminals. We have extensively researched this cult. My sister has just finished writing a book on our family history and covers the Mee case. " Jeanne of the Ditch" by Deborah Ann Dauray, it was reviewed by The Woonsocket Patch online newspaper (September 23rd edition). The Patch reviewed her book and reported the book to be procative, intriguing yet academic. The book can be purchased on ebay and next week on kindle. We are working very hard exposing the Legions in the media. This has to stop. This Legion are grooming young men all over the world to scam on old wealthy widows. They have had great success with the love bomb technique. They isolated my Aunt Gaby from all of her family and conditioned her mind set. Please contact us if you can help us in any way. [email protected]

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