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Transfigured Faces

Duccio Transfiguration"They spoke of his exodus, which he was to accomplish in Jerusalem" (Lk 9:31)Though I had anticipated, because of the reviews, the scene in "Of Gods and Men" of the last supper with the fine wine and enchanting music, nothing had prepared me for the transfigured faces that made the scene so extraordinary. If you haven't and you can, do see this remarkable, iconic film.

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Rev. Robert P. Imbelli, a priest of the Archdiocese of New York, is Associate Professor of Theology Emeritus at Boston College.



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Spectacular Duccio!

Ann,Duccio is "in." I have it on slim authority that his earlier appearance on dotCommonweal led to his being featured on the cover of the second volume of Pope Benedict's "Jesus of Nazareth."

Fr. I. --Isn't that nice to know :-)Our local museum as a tiny Duccio (about a foot square) from the original Kress collection. It's of Christ calling to St. Peter in his boat. Couldn't be smaller or simpler, but its power is unforgettable. How does Duccio say so much with so little????

Let me second Bob Imbelli's praise for the film "Of Gods and Men" - I saw it in New York this past weekend (not an empty seat in the theater) and when it arrives locally (if it does) it is not to be missed.Apropos of Duccio: many of those little panels are from the once intact ensemble called the Maesta'. I have seen what is left of it but cannot remember if the Transfiguration is still intact or is it one of the many dispersed panels?

Larry,I think the Transfiguration panel is in the National Gallery in London.I'm urging my students to see the film while it's here in the Boston area,

FYI, according to Netflix, the release date for the "Of Gods and Men" DVD is unknown, but apparently it's well-liked by Netflix members who've seen it in theatres (3.8 stars out of 5).************Subscriber? What, do they make you pay? That Guinness is on me.

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