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Religious Brotherhood

2nd Vocations

Widower, father, businessman, and searcher, Blessed Edmund Rice founded the Congregation of Christian Brothers. We welcome men of faith who have experienced a second gospel calling to Presence, Compassion, and Liberation.


IACs Seeks President

The Institute for Advanced Catholic Studies (IACS), a research institute designed to preserve and advance the rich Catholic intellectual tradition, seeks its next president. Established to inspire fresh thinking, engage in productive and creative conversation, and facilitate interdisciplinary, interfaith research, IACS is a preeminent Institute dedicated to the idea that an ongoing examination of the world from Catholic perspectives is a mission infinitely valuable to all people.  The Institute is located at the University of Southern California (USC). The next president will have the tremendous opportunity to build on the Institute’s strong foundation of scholarship, research and fund raising and make IACS the premier location for scholars committed to developing this great tradition for the service of the Church, the academy, and the world. Applications and inquires to:


Dug In

An Irish Catholic Family Fighting for Justice. In 1916 Joe and Mary Duggin escape Ireland just before Joe’s arrest for anti-English activities. In NYC, he gets involved in the union movement, as does his eldest son, Jamie. His wife, Mary, volunteers at the Catholic Worker Soup Kitchen. Two sons end up on opposite sides of the 1966 NYC Transit Strike. Mary eventually gets the family involved in the Anti-Vietnam War movement. By Bob Okowitz, Ph.D. Check it out on, including reviews.