Choosing candidates, Lambeth & beyond


In his letter to the editor (“Voting Against Obama,” September 12), David R. Carlin writes as if the current presidential election were a referendum on the issue of abortion. It is not. The tenor of Carlin’s argument suggests that a John McCain presidency would lead to the end of legal abortion in America. It wouldn’t.

McCain has made several promises about what he would do as president. I have yet to hear him pledge that he would end the practice of abortion. He can’t; he won’t. If I believed that he would bring a stop to all abortions in America, I could vote for McCain. But that is not the case. I will not vote for him because with respect to all the prolife issues over which the president has real control, McCain is on the wrong side of the argument. He strongly backed and continues to back the unjust war in Iraq. Because he believes the world’s problems can be solved by the use of U.S. military power, he would all too quickly embroil the armed forces in other ill-conceived missions. McCain does not endorse universal health care, another project important to those who wish to promote a culture of life. His tax plans favor the rich at the expense of the poor. His voting record does not indicate that he would take strong measures to protect the environment.


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