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As if the bishops didn’t have enough to worry about. Now they are under attack from the bloggers.

Blogs-a word that combines "web" and "log"-are an electronic Hyde Park on the Internet. Bloggers use the power of the Web to create their own commentary journals-complete with electronic letters to the editor and links to other sites and articles.

In blogdom, there is a subdivision of Catholic writers and responders who offer a chorus of conversation. Turned on to this world by a relative, I’ve been surprised at the candor and knowledgeable stream of commentary I’ve read concerning church matters.

The Catholic blog world is, in some respects, analogous to the world of talk radio: while the conversation may often be spirited, and occasionally learned, it often runs the gamut of views from A to B. In other words, it leans strongly to the conservative, or, as some would prefer, the "orthodox" side of church discussion. For example, in Catholic blogdom, Voice of the Faithful (VOTF) is a group frequently seen as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, spouting reform while actually working to undercut church teaching in the realm of sexual morality.

In the past few months, bloggers have contributed long treatises on church architecture (the new cathedral in Los Angeles has taken some hard hits for its modernistic style), and there has been a spirited debate about Michael Rose’s controversial Goodbye, Good Men (...

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Peter Feuerherd is a freelance writer in New York.