Catholic identity, Afghanistan, fiction


I enjoyed reading “My Chicago Catholic Bubble,” by Margaret O'Brien Steinfels (September 11). There is, however, one little thing I would take issue with. She depicts Pope Pius XII as opposed to the historical critical method, when in fact it was he, with his encyclical Divino afflante Spiritu (often called the Magna Carta of modern Catholic biblical scholarship), who sanctioned and even urged the use of the method in the interpretation of the Bible. John XXIII was pope during Steinfels's four years at Loyola Chicago, and there was indeed controversy over Catholic biblical scholarship during those years, but the fear was that Pius XII's position might be reversed.

(Rev.) Joseph A. Komonchak
Bloomingburg, N.Y.



Thanks for Peter Quinn's tribute to Frank McCourt (“Frank's Map,” August 14). This summer, just a few weeks before his death, Frank McCourt spoke about his life in a conversation with Rose Styron at Yale University before an audience at the International Festival of Arts & Ideas. At the end of...

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