Evolution, Games, and God

Evolution shows that humans aren’t only competitive. We can be cooperative and altruistic too—and we have a theologian and a mathematical biologist here to prove it.

Never Let a Serious Crisis Go to Waste

Philip Mirowski explains how neoliberals have survived and even flourished in the midst of the catastrophe they wrought, and how we, unknowingly, support them.

Discovering What Matters Most

The remarkable story of the Special Olympics, and how disability forever changed the lives of the Kennedy family.

Bookmarks | Fairy Tales Are More Than True

Donna Tartt's "The Goldfinch" and "The Secret History," and Helen Oyeyemi's "Boy, Snow, Bird" are not "literary realism" but something different, and dazzling.

Christmas Critics 2014

Histories of the Cold War era, novels by authors new and not-so-new, meditations on spirituality: These are some of the works discussed by our Christmas critics.

Now Timeless

Revisiting Arthur Miller's crucible, Irving Finkel's ark before Noah, Karl Ove Knausgaard's pre-Flood Norwegian forest, and meeting Lampedusa's siren.

The Certainty of Others

Compelling visions of what it means to live, eat, and pray now from Ben Lerner, Dan Barber, Louise Gluck, N.T. Wright, and Roy M. Anker.

Old Souls and Youthful Writers

Rereading your old favorite books can be revealing—and so can walking, drinking, God, and church history.

American Dreams of Escape

Dinaw Mengestu's novel considers what it is to walk around in an America that holds no promise for you, while Matt Fraction elevates the comic book to new heights.

Read With Care

A feisty novel, a formidable tome, and the latest from "a scholar of history who can really write"—there is a great deal to be learned.

Echoes of the Cold War

Readers interested in Russia and Ukraine, CIA analysts and Soviets, Doctor Zhivago censorship, and more will enjoy these fascinating histories of the Cold War.

Blessings in Disguise

To her fans—and there are many, from critic James Wood to Barack Obama—Robinson shows that old-fashioned virtues like seriousness and simplicity are still virtues.
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