The Larger View

George Eliot’s 'Middlemarch' has always provided something as much like spiritual direction as fiction can offer, and continues to today.

Bookmarks | Formal Poetry is Alive and Well

Two new collections of poetry from Geoffrey G. O'Brien and Spencer Reece both resist the "open-ended and often sloppy free-verse form of much contemporary poetry."

Doubting Thomas

There are three key doctrines where Aquinas’s arguments lead to perplexing conclusions: immortality, creation, and the nature of God as both one and triune.

American Innocence

'The Irony of American History' shines a klieg light on the so-called war on terror and the current debate over the operations of our “national security state."

Bookmarks | The Moment of the Short Story?

Critics are right about one thing: 2012 and 2013 have been excellent years for the short story.


The trademark Powers irony is at work even in his daughter’s narrative arc, for sweet as the award must have been, it was hardly a launch to smooth sailing.

True West

A new edition of the Little House books from the Library of America stakes a claim for Wilder’s work as an enduring part of the country’s literary heritage.

Through a Glass Darkly

In this brilliantly argued intellectual history, David Nirenberg asks how influential figures in the Western tradition have thought about Judaism over the millennia.

A Scourge of Secularism

Do the essays by Leszek Kolakowski collected in 'Is God Happy?' have anything to say to twenty-first-century America?

From the Archives: Summer Reading

In 1944, a Scotswoman named Helen Duncan was tried at London's Central Criminal Court, on charges under the Witchcraft Act of 1735. No one supposed that "Hellish...

Saints, Pilgrims & Artists

This essay appeared in the October 25, 1957, issue of Commonweal.Breaking, sick with revulsion, a combat soldier reads a letter from his little sister, overcomes...

The Earthly City

“What has Washington to do with Jerusalem?” After eight years of faith-based hubris and folly under George W. Bush, “far too much” would be one answer to Charles...
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